Practice turnaround No. 1: Waiting won't make it happen
August 28, 2015 -- When the recession hit in 2008, many dental practices were left struggling financially. In this case study excerpt from his recently published book, Practice Turnaround: Succeeding in the New Dental Economy, Dr. Roger P. Levin illustrates how his organization helped a struggling dental practice regain control and accelerate growth.
The Naked Dentist: Be like Mike
August 27, 2015 -- Who is the best basketball player of all time? While there is plenty of debate, one name in every discussion is Michael Jordan. In his latest Naked Dentist column, Curtis Marshall relates how Jordan worked every day and how that philosophy applies to making your practice the best.
Study: 3D technique valid for postsurgery evaluation
August 27, 2015 -- After corrective jaw surgery for facial deformities, determining if the necessary skeletal changes have taken place has been difficult for practitioners. A study in PLOS One found that a new method of radiographic measurement using 3D images to assess the maxillomandibular changes after surgery may offer a solution to this issue.
Are you a dental superstar?
August 26, 2015 -- The days of dental people being introverted nerds who scared people and took their money are fortunately long over. These days, we are friendly, devoted health professionals with upbeat attitudes who change people's smiles and improve their health. But how do we let people know? As the Madow Brothers write, you have to be a dental superstar.
6 ways to use patient-focused apps in your practice
August 26, 2015 -- The numbers don't lie -- mobile health is thriving. At a time when more adults than ever before use their smartphones to get health information, why are many dentists still not incorporating apps in their practice?
CDA Presents 2015: Dental wear -- more than just bruxism
August 25, 2015 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Acidic erosion, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and increased use of medicines are often the causes of dental wear in addition to bruxism, according to a presentation by Dr. Warden Noble at last week's California Dental Association's CDA Presents 2015 meeting.
In memory of Tom Climo
August 25, 2015 -- In this thoughtful remembrance, practice management consultant Jill Nesbitt honors the life and legacy of Thomas Climo, PhD. She fondly remembers Mr. Climo's writing style, how he encouraged her, and his sense of adventure.
Dos and don'ts for productivity: Use hygiene as a foundation for growth
August 24, 2015 -- Dentists who provide hygiene care for patients personally, or who hesitate to add hygiene department staff, are limiting their production potential significantly. Hygienists and hygiene assistants should account directly for 25% of practice income, and delegating to them also allows you to reach higher doctor production targets, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.
4 tips to better connect with millennial patients
August 24, 2015 -- Every dental practice knows that to retain clients you have to build a good relationship with them. And the hardest age group to understand and connect with these days is millennials. However, as practice management consultant Dayna Johnson writes, with some effort your practice can connect with this growing patient population.
CDA Presents 2015: Enhanced oral cancer detection can save lives
August 21, 2015 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Enhanced oral cancer detection can help save patients' lives while protecting dentists from malpractice lawsuits, according to a presentation by Dr. Jonathan Bregman at this week's California Dental Association's CDA Presents 2015 meeting. Effective protocols for screening and high-tech detection devices will help stem the disease's growing incidence, especially among young people.
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