Study: Dentists often unaware of dissatisfied patients
April 16, 2014 -- While most patients are satisfied with their dental care, dentists are often unaware when patients are dissatisfied with some aspect of their treatment or visit, according to a new study that looked at how well patient satisfaction aligns with dentists' views.
6 signs of stress to be aware of in patients
April 16, 2014 -- As a dental professional, you recognize that dental visits may be stressful for patients and try to alleviate that stress. But you also need to recognize signs of chronic stress in patients, because the symptoms can first appear in their mouths, according to Dr. Leslie Townsend. She presents six common signs that may indicate your patients are stressed-out.
PET/CT details hint at survival of head/neck cancer patients
April 15, 2014 -- Japanese researchers have found that several PET/CT parameters -- in particular, a ring-shaped area of FDG uptake -- are reliable predictors of survival for patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Results of their study were published in the April issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology.
Sheri's Solutions: 'Do you have a minute?'
April 15, 2014 -- Has this happened to you? On a recent flight, a flight attendant found out that Dr. Sheri Doniger is a dentist and said to her, "I hate to do this to you, but I have a question." In her latest Sheri's Solutions, Dr. Doniger wonders, if patients have a concern after a dental procedure, why they wouldn't call their dentist? And it's OK to ask a "strange" dentist?
BAG better than alumina to selectively remove composite
April 14, 2014 -- Rotary instruments can damage enamel when it's time to remove a failing resin composite restoration -- but there's a better way. Researchers compared two air-abrasion powders to gauge their performance in selectively removing restorative material while leaving enamel unharmed.
Leaders in Dentistry: Kianor Shah, DMD
April 14, 2014 -- In the latest in our Leaders in Dentistry series, talks with Dr. Kianor Shah, chairman of Dental Equities, about his experiences coming out of dental school, what he believes are the advantages of private practice, and where group practices may go wrong.
Dos and don'ts for practice finance: Coping with dental insurance
April 14, 2014 -- Dental insurance is a complex issue for many practices. It can require a great deal of administrative time, and team members may find it challenging to provide proper information and customer service to patients. But practices that assist patients with insurance issues will be viewed very favorably -- something that's essential for patient retention, according to Dr. Roger Levin.
Can consumer products improve patient hygiene and revenue?
April 11, 2014 -- In a competitive and challenging marketplace, new ways of working with your patients to increase their compliance, improve their oral health, and help your practice thrive are needed. One solution is to bring consumer products into a practice. talks with two established dentists who share their experiences of offering products in their practices.
Study: Periodontal disease linked with cardiovascular risk
April 11, 2014 -- Should dental health now be considered a marker of coronary heart disease? Periodontal disease was associated with cardiovascular risk in a large multicenter study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.
Insurance marketplaces: Comparing pediatric dental plans, costs
April 10, 2014 -- Health insurance marketplaces offer a variety of dental benefits, but figuring out which ones are best for pediatric coverage is complicated, according to a new ADA research brief. In part two of's coverage of the study, we look at provider networks and deductibles, and compare costs for standalone dental plans and medical plans with embedded dental benefits.
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