Calif.'s state oral health plan begins to take shape
August 18, 2017 -- After two years of planning, California has finally offered a look at what the state's oral health plan may be like. The state's dental director, Dr. Jayanth Kumar, outlined broad concepts and frameworks for the plan in the August 2017 edition of the Journal of the California Dental Association.  Discuss
Data Trends: Are U.S. practices taking more images?
August 17, 2017 -- There was a time in the not-so-distant past when taking radiographs as part of a dental examination was commonplace. However, with fears about radiation and changing insurance policies, U.S. practices took fewer images in 2016 than in any recent year. Why? Alitta Boechler of Sikka Software looks at the data.  Discuss
Creating the ultimate new-patient experience
August 17, 2017 -- New patients -- you need more of them to grow your practices, but they're harder to get and keep than ever before. In his new series focusing on this important aspect of patient growth, Dr. Roger P. Levin writes that it is critical that your new-patient experience be consistently amazing for every patient every time.  Discuss
What is your patient's mouth worth?
August 16, 2017 -- Your patients may take for granted that they can eat almost anything they want and enjoy the taste and chewing satisfaction of the food. Periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg wonders if patients would take better care of their oral health if a value and a cost were assigned.  Discuss
What's the rush?
August 16, 2017 -- We've all the heard the phrase "time flies when you're having fun." You find that your energy level is up, your mind is firing on all cylinders, and even your interactions are more positive. Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier offers five steps to keep that feeling going and to use it to help your practice grow.  Discuss
Er:YAG lasers change dentin's surface, chemical composition
August 15, 2017 -- Hard-tissue lasers have been praised as a replacement to drills for basic restorative procedures, which is why researchers decided to take a closer look at how one type, the erbium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet (Er:YAG) laser, affected dentin's physical and chemical properties.  Discuss
Do surface roughness changes predict enamel loss?
August 15, 2017 -- If enamel erosion could be accurately measured, preventive measures could be taken to preserve tooth enamel. Researchers sought to find out if roughness data from one location could be used to measure the erosion activity on a tooth. Their results may lead the way to an in vivo test and preventive treatments.  Discuss
The answer to higher case acceptance
August 14, 2017 -- What's the biggest obstacle to patient case acceptance? Is it money or insurance? Is it scheduling issues? Maybe patients' lack of understanding about how important oral healthcare is for their overall health? Or maybe it is none of those things. Practice management consultant Jen Butler has the answer.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for implant case presentation: Play the long game
August 14, 2017 -- For most patients, agreeing to implant treatment takes multiple case presentations. Implants are expensive, requiring significant out-of-pocket costs. In addition, they involve surgery, as in dental surgery. Those are two words that few people want to hear, yet the benefits of implants are numerous and life-changing. Dr. Roger P. Levin shares his tips for successful implant case presentation.  Discuss
Study focuses on dental therapists' impact in Native Alaskan communities
August 11, 2017 -- In the first study to look at the long-term outcomes of communities served by dental therapists, researchers from the University of Washington have found that children in Alaska Native communities had lower rates of tooth extractions and more preventive care than those in communities not receiving services from these practitioners.  Discuss
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