Report projects dental care costs to grow 60% by 2025
July 22, 2016 -- Dental care costs will soar 60% by 2025 in the U.S., according to a new report in Health Affairs. Dental experts say the cost of oral healthcare has risen sharply since 2000 and has increased at twice the rate of inflation for decades.
Bill providing dental insurance for vets goes to Obama
July 22, 2016 -- A bill to provide dental insurance for U.S. military veterans has been sent to President Barack Obama for signing after being approved by Congress. It will allow veterans enrolled in a health insurance plan through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to buy dental insurance at reduced rates through MetLife or Delta Dental.
Does the 3-guide technique improve implant placement?
July 21, 2016 -- Can the accuracy of CAD/CAM surgical guides be improved by using tooth-supported, bone-reduction guides in patients with terminal dentition who need immediate implants? A new study examined the use of a three-guide technique for implant placement, and the authors explain why it should become part of your armamentarium.
Report questions treatment in Texas toddler's death
July 20, 2016 -- A forensic dental report on a 14-month-old Texas toddler who died from complications of anesthesia during dental treatment questions the necessity of placing four stainless steel crowns on such a young child.
The reason you should keep your junk mail
July 20, 2016 -- If you are like most people, marketing mail you receive at your office and your house ends up immediately in the recycling bin. However, there's a better way to look at that mail, writes Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier. Curious? Read on.
Study: CAMBRA accurately predicts caries development
July 19, 2016 -- Kids who are designated as high risk for caries according to the Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) approach often end up developing the disease, according to a new study. The finding shows that CAMBRA appears to be an accurate prediction model for at least some populations.
6 tips for when a team member is sick
July 19, 2016 -- When your phone rings at 6 a.m., it's generally not good. What do you do when the call is from a key team member who is sick and won't be in the office that day? As Dr. Lisa Knowles writes, having a plan in place is crucial. She offers six ideas for how to handle these situations.
Dos and don'ts for team building: Avoid cookie-cutter team training
July 18, 2016 -- Each dental practice is unique, with many variables involved -- from the practice owner's vision to patient demographics. For this reason, the best team members should be trained to meet the specific needs of your practice and patients, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin. Obviously, the quality of the training has everything to do with your success as a business.
Offering feedback helps your team and practice grow
July 18, 2016 -- Your team members crave feedback. Without feedback from you, the practice CEO, they don't have the direction they need to excel in their roles and ultimately help move the practice toward true success and profitability, writes practice management consultant Sally McKenzie.
3 reasons why a little stress can be healthy
July 15, 2016 -- A little stress can sharpen your mind and generate health benefits, writes stress management expert Jen Butler. While too much, of course, is not healthy for you or those around you, she offers three reasons why a touch of stress can be healthy.
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