Study: Can lithium silicate ceramic crowns hold up?
July 14, 2016 -- Lithium silicate ceramic has many advantages for aesthetic and minimally invasive restorations. But what factors influence the success or failure of these crowns over five years? Researchers from Germany studied more than 300 of these crowns and found certain advantages -- and cautions.
Second Opinion: Ga. must correct dental care disparities
July 13, 2016 -- While almost 1.5 million Georgia children qualify for public dental benefits, less than 10% of licensed dentists in that state accept public insurance for children, according to Nicoleta Serban, PhD, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In this Second Opinion, she advocates for action to ensure these children receive the care they need.
5 things to look for in a dental lab
July 13, 2016 -- How do you choose a lab to work with? Whether you are a dentist getting started or one with an existing practice, your relationship with your lab is one of the most important professional relationships you'll undertake. In this column, Dr. Jason Watts outlines five things to look for when working with a lab.
Second Opinion: IRS rule change makes dental coverage more affordable
July 12, 2016 -- Colin Reusch of the Children's Dental Health Project offers some background on a proposed tax change that may help dental patients and dentists. Reusch offers background on the issue and how a wide range of dental organizations found common ground on this important issue of dental coverage.
Second Opinion: Dental benefits should stand alone
July 11, 2016 -- A bill in Congress would allow consumers to choose the pediatric dental plan best suited to their children's needs, while still preserving all the required dental benefits that meet Affordable Care Act coverage standards. Delta Dental's Jeff Album makes the case as to why the dental industry should support this bill.
Dos and don'ts for practice leadership: Are you acting like a manager rather than a leader?
July 11, 2016 -- Dentists often behave more like managers than business leaders, which is understandable, since very few dentists have gone to business school. But, to pave the way to true practice success, you must delegate day-to-day office management to your staff -- reserving your time for production and strategic decision-making, Dr. Roger P. Levin notes in his latest Practice Success tip.
Study: Scaling lowers infection risk after knee surgery
July 8, 2016 -- Frequent dental scaling reduces the risk of infection following knee replacement surgery, according to a new study. As oral bacteria are responsible for almost 15% of infections from these procedures, researchers from Taiwan recommend regular dental checkups and scaling.
How buy-sell agreements can protect your practice
July 7, 2016 -- Two middle-aged dentists own a practice as equal partners, but, tragically, one suddenly has a massive heart attack while jogging and dies. Not only does the surviving dentist lose a friend and partner, he finds himself with a new co-owner, his partner's wife. The result is chaos, writes financial planner John G. McCarthy III.
Dental problems linked to heart disease -- again
July 7, 2016 -- Once again, an oral health condition has been linked to heart disease. A new study found that dental patients with prevalent calculus ended up developing chest pain, or angina pectoris, significantly more often than patients with healthy teeth and gums.
The 7 most expensive words in your practice
July 6, 2016 -- As a private-practice owner, you are ultimately responsible for the profitability of your business. And yet there are seven words that might be costing you up to $400,000 in revenue each year, writes Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier. Find out what those words are and how to banish them from your vocabulary.
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