FDA tightens rules for e-cigarettes
May 17, 2016 -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued new rules that extend federal regulatory authority to all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, cigars, hookah tobacco, and pipe tobacco. It is also the first time federal law has prohibited retailers from selling e-cigarettes, hookah tobacco, or cigars to people younger than 18 years old.
CDA Presents 2016: 2nd day highlights
May 16, 2016 -- The second day of the California Dental Association's CDA Presents 2016 meeting in Anaheim, CA, offered practical workshops and presentations on clinical, reimbursement, and practice management topics, as well as dozens of new products from hundreds of exhibitors.
Dos and don'ts for practice leadership: Involve experts in major decisions
May 16, 2016 -- If you own your practice, you are responsible for the big decisions that will shape its future. But that doesn't mean you need to become an expert in all the business-related areas that will have a bearing on your success, according to Dr.&Roger P. Levin. Turn to other professionals for their expertise by the same token that they would turn to you for dental care.
CDA Presents 2016: 1st day highlights
May 13, 2016 -- ANAHEIM, CA - A busy first day at the California Dental Association's CDA Presents 2016 meeting saw dozens of clinical and practice management speakers, as well as a number of companies offering new or updated products. Here are some highlights from the meeting.
CDA Presents 2016: Could a security breach kill your practice?
May 12, 2016 -- Ask any practice that has received a call about a HIPAA investigation if the time and money they spent on compliance with the law was enough. HIPAA privacy expert Amy Wood discussed the topic of HIPAA compliance at CDA Presents 2016, focusing on why dental offices spend so little on security and information technology.
Nanomaterials: 'Super' composites for dental restorations?
May 12, 2016 -- Nanomaterials that kill bacteria and remineralize teeth can be used to make better dental composites, according to a new study in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. The unique properties of nanomaterials can be incorporated into primers, adhesives, and composites to make them bioactive.
Case report: Simple and efficient crown removal, extraction, and graft techniques -- Part 1
May 11, 2016 -- Dr. Timothy Kosinski illustrates techniques that can make crown removal, extraction, and grafting more reliable and efficient. In part one of his series, he discusses his treatment philosophy and crown removal.
Why you need to be the alpha predator
May 11, 2016 -- Private practice has never been more competitive, writes Jared Feit of Onward Dental. The changes in practice and reimbursement mean one or two practices in your area will take the bulk of the business. He details how your practice can be the one who feasts, rather than lives on scraps.
Kan. dentist sees new materials changing restorations
May 10, 2016 -- The evolution of restorative dental technologies, materials, and imaging is more than just a history of drilling and filling, according to Dr. Douglas M. Schulz. With new materials and technology have come changes in practice time management, patient convenience, and marketing opportunities.
Dos and don'ts for customer service: Time to upgrade your amenities?
May 9, 2016 -- With a good scheduling system and a commitment to not keep patients waiting, your patients will spend little time in your reception area. However, it should still be a welcoming, comfortable, interesting, and impressive space. The amenities you provide reaffirm patients' decision to rely on your practice and can even make them look forward to coming in, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.
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