Sheri's Solutions: 'I will write a bad review'
July 13, 2015 -- Social media blackmail was probably not on the syllabus in dental school, but it's a reality in today's connected world. In her latest Sheri's Solutions, Dr. Sheri Doniger relates what she heard at a recent dental conference on this topic and delves into the realities that every practice faces.
Top 5 news and clinical articles of June 2015
July 10, 2015 -- takes a look back at the most-read news and clinical articles from June 2015, as measured by page views. Among the stories we ran in June were the New York state attorney general announcing a settlement with Aspen Dental Management, the latest in the ongoing Texas Medicaid situation, and others.
Top 5 columns of June 2015
July 10, 2015 -- takes a look back at the most-read columns from June 2015, as measured by page views. These include important considerations for adding an associate to your practice, what to consider when branding your practice, a typically insightful column by the Madow Brothers, a penetrating look at what HIPAA means for your practice, and a study of what you don't know about dental service organizations.
7 steps for a successful practice sale
July 9, 2015 -- How you approach the process of selling your dental practice can have tremendous impact on your postretirement financial security. In a new column, Dr. Roger P. Levin offers seven practical steps to help you prepare for the sale of your practice.
Drinking alcohol may worsen periodontal disease
July 9, 2015 -- The more alcohol people drink, the worse their periodontal condition may be, according to a new study in the Journal of Periodontology. The findings show that men and women who consume at least four alcoholic drinks per week have worse periodontal status than those who drink less frequently.
Your life will be ruined if you don't read this
July 8, 2015 -- Is your practice sending emails? Great. Are your patients opening them and forwarding them, helping you retain and obtain patients? If not, the Madow Brothers have a question for you: Is the subject line boring? Their latest column offers some specific ideas to help you improve your email opens.
Is your practice one of the most admired?
July 8, 2015 -- What can be learned from the world's most admired companies? Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier reveals the secrets behind some of the most admired and successful companies in the world and helps you learn how you can adopt their strategies in your own practice.
AGD 2015: Digital dentistry is fast and accurate
July 7, 2015 -- Digital dentistry tools significantly reduce treatment planning time and also improve treatment accuracy, according to a lecture at the recent Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) meeting that covered cone-beam CT, intraoral scanners, and CAD/CAM restorations.
Report cites sexism, misogyny in Dalhousie Facebook scandal
July 7, 2015 -- Dalhousie University allowed a culture of "sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and racism," according to an independent report commissioned after sexual comments were posted about female dental students in a Facebook group.
Dos and don'ts for phone calls: Win the telephone game
July 6, 2015 -- Telephone communication has been completely transformed in the past 20 years with the advent of the cellphone and voice mail. However, the phone still allows dental practices to connect with prospective patients in important ways. Dr. Roger P. Levin discusses how to keep phone skills sharp.
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