Ala. Supreme Court upholds teeth-whitening law
June 19, 2015 -- The Alabama Supreme Court has upheld a state law restricting nondentists from offering teeth-whitening products and services. The ruling affirmed an earlier decision that such services are reasonably related to public health and safety.
NY AG: Aspen Dental Mgmt engaged in unauthorized practice of dentistry
June 18, 2015 -- New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced a settlement on June 18 with Aspen Dental Management that requires the company to change the way it does business in the state and pay a $450,000 civil penalty.
What dentists can learn from top CEOs about managing their time
June 18, 2015 -- In his recent book, What Dentists Can Learn from Top CEOs, Dr. Roger P. Levin describes a wide range of effective techniques used by corporate leaders and explains how these approaches can be applied successfully in dental practices. Here is an excerpt from the chapter entitled "CEOs Manage Their Time."
6 tips for your male patients' oral health
June 18, 2015 -- As Father's Day is this weekend, asked Dr. George Koumaras of Anthem to list six tips you can relate to your male (and female) patients all year to help them improve their oral health.
The Naked Dentist stays up late
June 17, 2015 -- How often do you stay up late analyzing your practice and trying to figure out what could be done differently? In the latest installment of his Naked Dentist series, Curtis Marshall identifies the reasons a Nebraska dentist was awake long into the night and offers some solutions to help his practice become more profitable and for the dentist to sleep better.
Something a little 'Kink-y' for your practice
June 17, 2015 -- What lessons can you derive for your practice from the band who recorded classics such as "Waterloo Sunset," "You Really Got Me," and others? The Madow Brothers explain how you can become a well-respected practice rather than being in a state of confusion.
2013 Medicare data: $60 per service for oral health providers
June 16, 2015 -- Out of the $90 billion paid by the U.S. government in Medicare payments in 2013, oral health-related providers received an average of $60 per service performed, according to new research from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
Study: Pembrolizumab shows promise as HNC treatment
June 16, 2015 -- A new immunotherapy drug was found to be almost twice as effective as the preferred treatment for decreasing the size of the tumors of patients with recurrent or metastatic head and neck cancer (HNC), according to a study presented at the recent meeting of the American Society for Clinical Oncology.
Dos and don'ts for teamwork: Fostering cooperation among team members
June 15, 2015 -- As a dentist, performing your job tasks well is one thing. Leading others is an equally important part of your duties as practice owner. Your team will occasionally experience challenges and conflicts, as happens in any group. When the inevitable occurs, set an example and help your team members stay positive, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.
Weed, feed, and separate: Part 1 -- Growing your dental team
June 15, 2015 -- In the first part of her series on growing your dental team, Dr. Lisa Knowles looks at the four types of weeds at your practice -- technical minutiae, clutter, drama, and negativity -- and how to stay ahead of the weed battle.
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