Dentists featured in new movie and TV show
September 16, 2008 -- Dentists have rarely appeared as the main characters in the movies or TV, but the film "Ghost Town," which opens this weekend, and a new Nickelodeon stop-motion children's TV show, "Glenn Martin, DDS." both feature dentists.  Discuss
Dentists warned of nutrition quackery
September 15, 2008 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Dental workers are confused about nutrition, Warren Karp, D.M.D., Ph.D., said at the California Dental Association fall meeting here last week. In a high-voltage, two-and-a-half-hour presentation, Dr. Karp trashed nutritional supplements and called on Americans to eat less and move more.  Discuss
How to answer those tough (and sometimes annoying) patient questions
September 13, 2008 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Good communication is critical to building a patient database full of satisfied customers. The key is to know when to speak up and when to bite your tongue, according to a presentation at the California Dental Association fall session this week.  Discuss
California dental experts push prevention
September 12, 2008 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Too many dentists are acting like mechanics instead of doctors, according to organizers of the California Dental Association fall meeting, which kicked off Thursday with an all-day session on caries management by risk assessment.  Discuss
Maine dental board challenges oral sedation safety
September 12, 2008 -- If proposed changes to the dental board's guidelines for sedation are approved, Maine would become the only state in the U.S. to require patients to wear heart monitors during moderate oral sedation.  Discuss
Dental IDs help pediatric patients feel safe
September 11, 2008 -- Toothprints are simple dental impressions that can help law enforcement officials identify a missing or lost child. But some forensic dentists aren't convinced they are accurate enough to make a difference.  Discuss
As price soars, gold loses luster
September 10, 2008 -- Gold's special properties make it ideal for specific types of restorations. But the recent price spike is forcing dentists and dental labs to scramble, once again, for alternatives.  Discuss
San Francisco to host CDA 2008 fall session
September 9, 2008 -- Industry experts and dental professionals will gather in San Francisco for the California Dental Association (CDA) 2008 Fall Scientific Session, starting September 11. will be on hand, providing daily reports from the lectures, workshops, and show floor. Here's a preview of what you can expect.  Discuss
Ultrasonic surgery eases sinus lifts and tooth extractions
September 8, 2008 -- Ultrasonic surgery -- also known as piezosurgery -- has been shown to dramatically improve perforation rates compared to conventional rotary instruments. But some researchers still question its safety.  Discuss
New study finds higher cancer risk from x-rays
September 5, 2008 -- Dental x-rays cause a lot more cancer than previously assumed, according to new estimates published in the September Journal of the American Dental Association. And most dentists aren't doing enough to protect their patients.  Discuss
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