New ADA product launches highlight dental innovation
October 16, 2008 -- SAN ANTONIO - A digital writing kit that automatically stores handwritten notes and printed forms in the computer? A handheld, battery-powered device that uses vibration to ease the pain of injections? These are just a few of the innovations on the show floor at this year's ADA meeting.  Discuss
ADA annual meeting kicks off this week
October 15, 2008 -- SAN ANTONIO - Best known for the Alamo and the River Walk, San Antonio expects to be flooded with 30,000 dental professionals this week. Tom Brokaw will be there too.  Discuss
Delta Dental caps fees for uncovered procedures
October 14, 2008 -- Delta isn't the first carrier to require dentists to honor its maximum allowed fees for services that are not covered by a subscriber's plan. But a new contract provision still has some dentists concerned.  Discuss
New bruxism products panned: Part II
October 13, 2008 -- Psychologists have labored for decades to stop people from gnashing. They've tried biofeedback, hypnotism, physical therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy -- sometimes with good results. Now inventors are trying to package such approaches into products sold directly to patients.  Discuss
New bruxism products panned: Part I
October 10, 2008 -- Economic anxiety is leading some patients to cut back on dental visits at exactly the time they seem most likely to gnash their teeth. They may be tempted to treat themselves with one of the inexpensive products now being touted on the Internet. Can they do as much for themselves as you could do for them?  Discuss
Managing the oral side effects of cancer treatment
October 9, 2008 -- Dentists can play a key role in helping cancer patients endure the oral side effects of cancer treatments, according to Sol Silverman, D.D.S., M.A., professor of oral medicine at the UCSF School of Dentistry. The goal is to make them as comfortable as possible following radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery.  Discuss
Nebraska dental school bans sale of study guides
October 8, 2008 -- A 20-year tradition at the University of Nebraska has come to a screeching halt after the dean of the dental school discovered that a 1,200-page study guide containing faculty notes, exams, slides, charts, and other proprietary materials was being sold to first-year students.  Discuss
Economic anxiety alters dentist-patient relations
October 7, 2008 -- The current economic downturn is keeping many patients out of the dental chair. But it's not just a matter of money, a new study suggests -- rather, it's fear and stress.  Discuss
Low-dose Dex shows promise for general dentistry
October 6, 2008 -- Dexmedetomidine, an intravenous sedative that induces a natural, sleeplike experience, could begin showing up in some dental offices in the near future. But anesthesia experts warn there are important limitations to consider first.  Discuss
New x-ray software features tested
October 3, 2008 -- Using Logicon software, dentists can double or triple their accuracy in spotting subtle proximal caries, the company found in a new study. But one expert questioned the study's methodology.  Discuss
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