The great dilemma: Should she stay or should she go?
February 4, 2015 -- In her latest column, Dr. Lisa Knowles addresses one of the most difficult situations for any practice owner: Is it time to let someone go? She offers practical expertise and real-life experience to help you navigate this dilemma.
The top 3 weaknesses that stifled growth in 2014
February 4, 2015 -- Now that the first month of the new year is in the books, practice management consultant Sally McKenzie asks if anything has changed in your practice? If not, she offers three possible reasons why and some practical ideas as to how to turn your practice in the right direction.
Phusion Metal device to enter dental market in near future
February 3, 2015 -- A California-based company, PorOsteon, has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance for its Phusion Metal-based medical device and plans to enter the dental market in the near future. Phusion Metal is a proprietary porous material developed to promote bone fusion that could have multiple dental applications.
Family history of early cancer is HNC risk factor in young adults
February 3, 2015 -- In the largest investigation on the role of major risk factors for head and neck cancers (HNC) in young adults, researchers found that these cancers are more likely the result of inherited factors, rather than lifestyle factors such as smoking or drinking alcohol, according to a new study in the International Journal of Epidemiology.
Study: Restorations, aesthetic work most common procedures by general dentists
February 2, 2015 -- More general dentists are doing endodontic and periodontal procedures instead of referring patients to specialists, according to a new study in BMC Oral Health. Nonimplant restorations, aesthetic work, and extractions are the most common procedures by general dentists.
Doyle Williams Q&A: Crowns and extractions
February 2, 2015 -- Insurance expert Dr. Doyle Williams is back to help you with your coding dilemmas. In this column, he answers some of your questions submitted via email, including those on topics such as crowns and bridges, bone grafts for ridge preservation, and grafting with bone materials.
Dos and don'ts for leadership: More delegation, less frustration
February 2, 2015 -- As a practice owner, you need to spend your time on the actions that will have the greatest positive impact on your business and its bottom line. In his latest Practice Success tip, Dr. Roger P. Levin asks: What should you be doing more of, and what should you be doing less of?
Study finds stainless steel crowns most effective in special needs patients
February 2, 2015 -- Stainless steel crowns had a lower failure rate when compared with amalgam, composite, and glass ionomer restorations in more than 1,900 procedures on patients with special needs, according to a recent study. The researchers focused on both the effectiveness of certain restorative materials and clinical outcomes of treatment under general anesthesia.
NYU program builds interprofessional oral health workforce
January 30, 2015 -- A New York University (NYU) program builds interprofessional oral health workforce by developing nursing and medical students' oral health knowledge, according to a new report in the American Journal of Public Health.
BPA exposure during pregnancy may raise baby's risk of diabetes, heart disease
January 30, 2015 -- Exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) during pregnancy can cause oxidative damage that may put the baby at risk of developing diabetes or heart disease later in life, according to a new study in Endocrinology.
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