43 Rules: Rule No. 6 -- Implement a follow-up process
January 27, 2017 -- In his recent book, 43 Rules to Increase Practice Production, Dr. Roger P. Levin shares recommendations for achieving greater practice success in the new, more challenging dental economy. In the sixth excerpt, he focuses on a practical follow-up process.
Calif. will reimburse for SDF for some kids
January 26, 2017 -- To combat early childhood caries, the California Department of Health Care Services has approved the use of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) for some high-risk children enrolled in Denti-Cal, the state's dental Medicaid program.
Study measures time for in-office crown fabrication versus labs
January 26, 2017 -- One question any office considering the purchase of a CAD/CAM system must ask is how much time will be saved during crown fabrication versus the traditional process. The more time an office can save, the more procedures it can schedule. Now, researchers have attempted to measure how long each process takes.
Teaching toothbrushing: Is a video or jaw model better?
January 25, 2017 -- Sometimes it seems like children are always glued to a screen. Researchers wondered whether showing them a video of how to brush their teeth versus a live demonstration would have different results. The findings might surprise you.
Is constant employee turnover dooming your office?
January 25, 2017 -- Building the right team is the goal of every dental office. You make the effort to screen applicants and implement the best interviewing techniques, but is the dream team you are seeking falling apart? Dental hygienist Corinne Jameson-Kuehl has some ideas to help your office stop the turnover and hire the right people.
Which imaging system is better for diagnosing tooth cracks?
January 24, 2017 -- When it comes to examining images of a tooth and identifying a crack, should you use periapical radiography or cone-beam CT? Also, who is better trained to identify these cracks on images, an endodontist or a radiologist? A new study in PLOS One answers these questions.
New review casts doubt on sleep apnea treatments
January 24, 2017 -- While screening for sleep apnea is often recommended as a practice benefit for a dental office, what are the benefits -- and harms -- of sleep apnea screening? A new review in the Journal of the American Medical Association drew some worrying conclusions.
What can you say to reassure pediatric patients?
January 23, 2017 -- What if saying a few magic words to pediatric patients and their caregivers could produce greater patient satisfaction and better oral care compliance? A new study suggests that clinicians who provide more positive reinforcement when speaking with pediatric patients were perceived to be more patient-centered and empathetic, which may boost cooperation with treatment.
Do's and don'ts for team leadership: Show staff where you're leading them
January 23, 2017 -- If you own a practice, there's no question you're the team leader. But what's your destination? What are you striving for, and what roles should your team members play in getting there? The answers amount to your practice vision. With a vision, all of you have a common goal. The difference, in terms of results, can be dramatic, notes Dr. Roger P. Levin.
U.S. oral health shines in Healthy People 2020 review
January 20, 2017 -- The U.S. is mostly hitting its oral health goals from the Healthy People 2020 initiative on improving population health in the country, according to a new review. Dental treatment and preventive services have by and large increased for U.S. children and adults over the last decade.
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