Dos and don'ts for practice leadership: Know when to rely on outside experts
September 29, 2014 -- Some of the most important decisions practice owners must make are in areas they know little about. Take advantage of outside experts' knowledge and experience when faced with major decisions in areas such as real estate, law, and financial planning, Dr. Roger P. Levin advises. You and your practice will benefit enormously.
Calif. approves law protecting dental insurance premiums
September 29, 2014 -- California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill that establishes standardized requirements for dental plans to disclose how they spend patient premiums. It also puts the state on a path to establish a minimum percentage of premium dollars that must be spent on patient care.
Fla. study hails impact of reimbursing primary doctors for oral screenings
September 26, 2014 -- A change in Florida's Medicaid policy to reimburse medical primary care providers for basic oral health screenings and cavity prevention has increased the likelihood of children in the state receiving these essential services by 20%, according to a recent study by University of Florida researchers.
Top 6 stories of the summer
September 26, 2014 -- We present our six most-read stories of the summer. Reflecting the diversity of interests of readers, our most-read stories from the summer include the latest in the ongoing debate between film and digital radiography, the insightful series authored by Dr. Michael W. Davis on scams played on dentists, a video interview with an infection-control expert, and relevant business news.
EPA proposes rule requiring dentists to install amalgam separators
September 25, 2014 -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today proposed a rule requiring dentists to install amalgam separators to help cut discharges of dental amalgam to the environment. It would also limit reporting requirements to annual certification and recordkeeping instead of wastewater monitoring.
Leaders in Dentistry: Dr. Elizabeth Feldman
September 25, 2014 -- In our latest Leaders in Dentistry interview, Dr. Elizabeth Feldman, a maxillofacial prosthodontist and dental oncologist at the University of Florida Cancer Center Orlando, discusses mucositis, treatment options, and dental care for oral cancer patients.
Blind Spots: Your internal credit guidelines
September 25, 2014 -- In her latest Blind Spots column, practice management consultant Jan Keller asks when was the last time you and your team had a meeting to review and collaborate on your expectations regarding collections? These guidelines could be your "secret weapon" to reduce stress and increase collections, she writes.
Philips to combine healthcare, consumer lifestyle divisions
September 24, 2014 -- At a meeting on Tuesday with investors and analysts in London, Netherlands-based Philips announced the company plans to split into two, with one company combining its healthcare and consumer lifestyle divisions and the other focusing on lighting solutions.
Distortions in the DMF index generated by changing paradigms in dentistry
September 24, 2014 -- In his latest column, Dr. Michael W. Davis examines how the rapid change in dental technology is influencing DMF index studies and the implications for dentists and dentistry as a whole.
But it doesn't hurt!
September 24, 2014 -- In her latest column, stress management expert Jen Butler draws a parallel between patients' mindset about accepting necessary treatment and some of her previous clients' initial reaction to the importance of stress management.
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