Philips to combine healthcare, consumer lifestyle divisions
September 24, 2014 -- At a meeting on Tuesday with investors and analysts in London, Netherlands-based Philips announced the company plans to split into two, with one company combining its healthcare and consumer lifestyle divisions and the other focusing on lighting solutions.
Distortions in the DMF index generated by changing paradigms in dentistry
September 24, 2014 -- In his latest column, Dr. Michael W. Davis examines how the rapid change in dental technology is influencing DMF index studies and the implications for dentists and dentistry as a whole.
But it doesn't hurt!
September 24, 2014 -- In her latest column, stress management expert Jen Butler draws a parallel between patients' mindset about accepting necessary treatment and some of her previous clients' initial reaction to the importance of stress management.
AAP 2014: Obese patients more likely to have periodontitis
September 23, 2014 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Patients who are obese or overweight are more likely to have periodontitis, according to a study by U.K. researchers. They presented their findings from a case-control study of nearly 300 patients at the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) annual meeting.
Many HPV+ oropharyngeal cancer patients can avoid neck surgery
September 23, 2014 -- Many patients with human papillomavirus (HPV)-related oropharyngeal cancer have significantly higher rates of complete response after chemoradiation therapy and may avoid neck surgery, according to a new study presented at the recent American Society of Radiation Oncology meeting. Among HPV-positive patients who had chemotherapy and radiation, any lingering bumps were likely to be benign, the researchers found.
AAP 2014: Breast cancer patients benefit less from periodontal treatment
September 22, 2014 -- SAN FRANCISCO - In a poster presentation at the American Academy of Periodontology's (AAP) 100th Annual Meeting, researchers from Brazil concluded that while periodontal treatment reduces the inflammatory markers of gingivitis and periodontitis, as well as the histological markers of disease, in all patients, women who are receiving treatment for breast cancer see less benefit from the treatment than "healthy" patients.
Study: Dietary sugars should be drastically reduced
September 22, 2014 -- Free sugars in the diet should make up no more than 3% of total energy intake to reduce the significant financial and social burdens of caries, according to a new study by British researchers in BMC Public Health. A new radical policy of progressively reducing sugar intake is needed, they noted.
Dos and don'ts for team building: Spend a day out of the office
September 22, 2014 -- Your team spends so many hours at your practice, just getting away to another venue can do wonders for team morale. Plan an all-day team retreat that features pleasant surroundings, good food, and fun that everyone can enjoy, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip.
Crest to remove microbeads from toothpaste
September 19, 2014 -- Proctor & Gamble will remove polyethylene microbeads from its Crest toothpaste line after a dental hygienist spoke out about finding the blue plastic bits in patients' gums. The microbeads can trap bacteria in the gums and lead to gingivitis, according to some dental professionals, but the ADA said clinical studies show the microbeads don't pose a health risk.
OSAP expands January infection-control boot camp
September 18, 2014 -- For any dentist or dental office concerned about infection control, the Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) Core Infection Control Boot Camp offers more than just 24 hours of continuing education credits. In an interview with, OSAP Executive Director Therese Long details how this conference has evolved to better serve dentists, hygienists, and other practitioners.
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