Turning first-day jitters into practice success
July 28, 2016 -- What was your first day as a new dentist like? If it was anything like Dr. Jason Watts' first day, it wasn't quite what he expected. However, it did serve to remind him that not only was this the day he'd worked so hard to get to, he was also prepared.
Why dentists need to think like retailers
July 27, 2016 -- Who is at the center of your practice? It's a simple question with a not-so-simple answer when you examine it. The best response, writes Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier, is that your patient should be at the center of your practice. He offers three tips to help you put your patients first and grow your practice.
Accidental discovery may lead to materials revolution
July 27, 2016 -- What if you could use what might be the hardest known metallic substance compatible with living tissue for your patient's implants? What if that material also reduced wear and weighed less than current materials? It might sound like science fiction, but an accidental discovery by researchers working on magnets might show the way forward for implants.
3 principles to avoid the pitfalls in practice ownership
July 26, 2016 -- The single scariest day of Dr. Cory Mugleston's professional life was when he purchased his first practice. While he readily admits he made some mistakes along the way, he also has expanded to six offices. Here he offers three principles to help you avoid his mistakes.
Can you use an intraoral scanner for upper jaw impressions?
July 26, 2016 -- When using an intraoral scanner for digital impressions of a patient's upper jaw, do you run into difficulties with palatal vault heights or arch widths? A study in PLOS One investigated the effect palatal vault heights and arch widths might have on the accuracy of these impressions.
Dos and don'ts for increasing production
July 25, 2016 -- Since the dental economy has become more challenging, a number of dentists have been perplexed to see that, despite a high acceptance rate, their production remains too low. If you're experiencing similar disappointment, Dr. Roger P. Levin offers some tips for increasing production.
Are e-cigarettes a gateway to regular ones?
July 25, 2016 -- Teens who use e-cigarettes are significantly more likely to go on to smoke regular cigarettes, according to a new study. The researchers found this was true even if the teens were at an otherwise low risk of using conventional cigarettes.
Report projects dental care costs to grow 60% by 2025
July 22, 2016 -- Dental care costs will soar 60% by 2025 in the U.S., according to a new report in Health Affairs. Dental experts say the cost of oral healthcare has risen sharply since 2000 and has increased at twice the rate of inflation for decades.
Bill providing dental insurance for vets goes to Obama
July 22, 2016 -- A bill to provide dental insurance for U.S. military veterans has been sent to President Barack Obama for signing after being approved by Congress. It will allow veterans enrolled in a health insurance plan through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to buy dental insurance at reduced rates through MetLife or Delta Dental.
Does the 3-guide technique improve implant placement?
July 21, 2016 -- Can the accuracy of CAD/CAM surgical guides be improved by using tooth-supported, bone-reduction guides in patients with terminal dentition who need immediate implants? A new study examined the use of a three-guide technique for implant placement, and the authors explain why it should become part of your armamentarium.
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