A closer look at HIPAA: Part 2 -- Violations and their mitigation
June 9, 2015 -- In the second part of her series on HIPAA, Lindy Benton of healthcare information exchange company MEA/NEA lists the 10 most common HIPAA violations and offers practical tips to make sure you stay in compliance.
Dos and don'ts for bringing on an associate
June 8, 2015 -- Each year, thousands of practices add associates. An associate can be a valuable asset when the practice is growing or the doctor is approaching retirement. Adding an associate can alleviate scheduling stress while facilitating an increase in productivity, but only if the practice is properly prepared, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.
Study: Intranasal midazolam is effective for kids
June 8, 2015 -- Intranasal midazolam is an effective alternative to the oral version for children undergoing dental treatments, according to a new study. Researchers found that when dentists administered the drug through the nasal cavity, children were sedated faster and had less drowsiness after dental procedures.
CDC study finds high rate of periodontitis in U.S. adults
June 8, 2015 -- There is a high level of periodontitis among U.S. adults age 30 and older, especially among Hispanics, according to a new study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Some 46% of U.S. adults, or about 65 million, had periodontitis between 2009 to 2012.
Sheri's Solutions: Charging station
June 5, 2015 -- In her latest Sheri's Solutions, Dr. Sheri Doniger offers a practical, and inexpensive, added value for your patients: having a charging cord available to charge their cellphones or tablets. The real benefit, however, goes deeper than just providing a modern convenience.
Glow, glow, peanut butter jelly
June 4, 2015 -- Have you ever played the children's game telephone or grapevine? With those, confusion and errors are part of the game. In your practice, however, you want clear communication with your patients and your staff. In their latest column, the Madow Brothers offer three lessons for better communication.
Study finds chemo costly for oral cancer in elderly
June 4, 2015 -- Medicare costs for elderly patients with oral and pharyngeal cancers are significantly impacted by treatment selection, according to a new study. Chemotherapy patients cost the program $32,000 more on average over five years than those who picked alternative treatments.
The Naked Dentist visits Dr. Connecticut
June 3, 2015 -- Have you ever bought something that you thought would be the perfect investment? Does that motorcycle/exercise equipment/technological marvel sit unused now? It happens, right? We all get carried away by enthusiasm. But when it's your practice and the investment becomes an expense rather than adding to your income, it's time to call in the Naked Dentist.
ADEA: Still a need for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program
June 3, 2015 -- For people living with HIV/AIDS, dental care is an essential but often unattainable healthcare service. A recent policy brief from the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) argues that the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program provides crucial dental care that these patients could not access otherwise and that policymakers should fund the program even in the Affordable Care Act era.
The importance of community water fluoridation to oral health
June 2, 2015 -- In this Second Opinion, John Luther, DDS, and Michael Monopoli, DMD, of the DentaQuest Foundation comment on the recent recommendation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on community water fluoridation and the importance of continuing this practice.
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