Study: Higher fluoride needed to control root dentine caries
January 13, 2016 -- Higher fluoride concentrations are necessary when controlling caries of the root dentine versus those in the enamel, according to a new study from researchers from Brazil and published in PLOS One.
Steps to prepare for financing your dental practice
January 12, 2016 -- Taking a strategic approach to your practice's next financial step can yield a better outcome, according to Jordan Arovas of Webster Bank. He details the practical steps to consider when you're planning your practice's growth.
Know when to nurture and when to nudge
January 12, 2016 -- When you first got into practice, how did you react to the questions and difficult cases that came your way? As Dr. Lisa Knowles writes, it wasn't easy at first. Here she offers six tips to help you answer those questions from your staff.
New dietary guidelines advise limiting intake of added sugars
January 11, 2016 -- The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture have released the "2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans," which includes a call to limit the intake of added sugars.
Dos and don'ts for team leadership: Model the behavior you want from staff
January 11, 2016 -- To make a strong and memorable impression on team members of the attitude and actions you want them to display, don't just tell them -- show them. By serving as the example in what you say and do, you'll give your staff powerful lessons in patient care and customer service, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin. Action speaks louder than words.
Calif. gets poor grade for kids' oral health services
January 8, 2016 -- California received a D+ grade for not providing enough oral health services for the state's children, according to the new "2016 California Children's Report Card" by the advocacy group Children Now.
4 tips to improve recall and grow your practice
January 7, 2016 -- Patient retention ratios are far below what they should be for practices to thrive in today's competitive environment, according to a survey by practice management consultant Sally McKenzie. In her latest column, she offers four tips to help improve your practice's recall numbers and grow your bottom line.
ADA brief: Consumer dental spending remains flat
January 7, 2016 -- Spending on dental care remained flat between 2013 and 2014, continuing a multiyear trend, according to a new report from the ADA's Health Policy Institute. Dental care was 3.7% of U.S. healthcare spending in 2014, down from a peak of 4.5% in 2000.
4 reasons why ECC models don't work for individuals
January 6, 2016 -- Population-based early childhood caries (ECC) models are useful when trying to understand large-scale causes of caries; however, they are not as relevant when looking at individual cases. In a new, critical review, author Dr. Kimon Divaris evaluates where ECC models fall short and outlines how they can be improved.
ADA brief: Dentists’ earnings to stay stagnant
January 6, 2016 -- Dental spending remains sluggish five years after the economic recovery, according to a new report by the ADA's Health Policy Institute. The amount of empty chair time coupled with a wave of new dental graduates mean dentists' earnings will probably stay stagnant, the authors concluded.
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