Gene expression signature can be used to classify gum disease
March 27, 2014 -- Researchers have devised a new system for classifying periodontal disease based on the genetic signature of affected tissue, rather than on clinical signs and symptoms. The system may allow for earlier detection and more individualized treatment of severe periodontitis, before loss of teeth and supportive bone occurs, they noted.
Second Opinion: Dental amalgam is safe and effective
March 27, 2014 -- In this Second Opinion column, Dr. J. Robert Kelly, a professor in the department of reconstructive sciences at the Center for Biomaterials at the University of Connecticut Health Center, responds to recent news and opinion on the safety of amalgam.
Neck mass, sore throat among first OPSCC symptoms
March 26, 2014 -- A neck mass and sore throat appear to be the initial symptoms in patients with oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (OPSCC), and the symptoms appear to be associated with the human papillomavirus status of the tumors, according to a new study in JAMA Otolaryngology -- Head & Neck Surgery.
Are you a 'why-er' or a 'comply-er'?
March 26, 2014 -- In Dr. Lisa Knowles' latest column, she asks where you fall on the problem-solving spectrum. Do you go along to get along (a "comply-er"), or do you ask questions about every move and decision made in the office (a "why-er")? She looks at both types and gives eight tips to get leadership feedback.
8 teeth sacrificed for the record
March 25, 2014 -- In August 1939, an attempt to set a world record backfired, as baseball catcher Joe Sprinz suffered severe dental injuries trying to catch a baseball dropped from a blimp 800 feet overhead.
New device repairs bone damaged by cancer, periodontitis
March 24, 2014 -- A new device by Norwegian researchers can help rebuild the faces of patients who have been disfigured by mandibular cancer and help patients with loose teeth caused by periodontitis. The process uses artificial bone scaffolding that determines where new bone tissue will grow.
8 numbers that define dental education
March 24, 2014 -- Periodically, will examine some of the numbers that impact dentistry. The focus of this edition is on education and income. While none of the numbers themselves may be surprising, cumulatively, they create a picture of the state of dentistry in the U.S.
Dos and don'ts for leadership: Traits of an excellent leader
March 24, 2014 -- To be a good leader, you must possess a way of thinking and acting based on motivation, skills, training, and specific behaviors. Be ready to learn, and don't just talk the talk but walk the walk, according to Dr. Roger Levin.
Study compares products to battle marginal shrinkage
March 21, 2014 -- Marginal shrinkage can jeopardize the success of composite restorations, and a new study has tested different bonding strategies. Single Bond, One Coat Self-Etching Bond, and Adper Easy Bond Self-Etch Adhesive products were included, but which produced the best continuous margin?
Promoting ethical code on agenda of DGPA
March 20, 2014 -- During a period of time when dental group practices are under increased pressure because of the high-profile actions of particular organizations, the Dental Group Practice Association (DGPA) is implementing a new ethical code that works to ensure practitioners put their patient's healthcare first.
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