ADA: Dental care down among working adults, up among elderly
October 25, 2013 -- Working adults got less dental care and a growing number of adults said they couldn't afford needed dental treatment from 2000 to 2010, according to new ADA research. But more children and adults now get dental care through Medicaid, and access to dental care for the elderly is steadily increasing, the studies show.
Dr. Esther Wilkins: The rock star of dental hygiene
October 24, 2013 -- A pioneer in the field of dental hygiene, educator, and author of Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist, Esther Wilkins, RDH, DMD, at 95 is revered and considered the eminent expert in her field. From having a dental instrument named after her to people seeking her autograph, Dr. Wilkins is the rock star of dental hygiene.
Beyond Practice Management: The power of momentum
October 23, 2013 -- What are you doing to keep your practice going during these tough times? If your practice isn't humming along the way you want, start by making a plan and following through, one step at a time. Dr. Don Deems offers steps to help you get the momentum going for your practice.
Study: Digital radiography users more satisfied than film users
October 22, 2013 -- There is an ongoing debate about digital radiography versus film, but a survey of New Zealand practitioners has found that film users are less satisfied with their systems than their digital counterparts. Among the former group, one-third of users are considering taking the leap into digital.
Sheri's Solutions: From prunes to practice reinvention
October 21, 2013 -- Do your patients think of your dental practice as a prune, when you'd rather be thought of as a dried plum? Dr. Sheri Doniger talks about the importance of perception and the need for practice reinvention in this edition of Sheri's Solutions.
'SurfLink' coating could help implants better bond to bone
October 18, 2013 -- A Swiss company has created a coating that could improve upon one of titanium's most important characteristics when used in dental implants: biocompatibility. The firm believes that its SurfLink material will help implants bond to bone more effectively than bare titanium, improving stability, speeding patient healing, and reducing costs.
Uncovering justice through dentistry
October 17, 2013 -- Forensic dentistry interests many students due to its integration into law and crime solving. However, information about forensic educational programs can be hard to find. The American Student Dental Association (ASDA) interviewed Dr. John D. McDowell to learn what it means to be a forensic dentist and how to train to be one.
MRI better predicts oral cancer survival
October 16, 2013 -- Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may be a better tool for predicting the chances of survival and tumor metastasis of patients with oral cancer, according to a new study by British researchers. They found that measuring tumor volume on MRI scans could offer a more accurate prognosis than analyzing the surface area of a tumor.
Oral physician residency addresses changing landscape
October 16, 2013 -- An oral physician residency program established three years ago at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine is giving dental students a unique opportunity to expand their skill set and embrace the trend toward having dentists do more medical screening during routine office visits.
Preparation is key to coping with medical emergencies
October 15, 2013 -- Being prepared in advance for worst-case medical emergencies is the optimal way to prevent any bad outcomes, according to a Canadian dentist who's an expert on the subject. Good preparation can be as simple as a "cheat sheet" with a summary of emergency procedure essentials.
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