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Mich. dentist to make Uganda his new home
July 19, 2013 -- For Ryan Shinska, DDS, moving to Uganda to provide dental care for the poor is a matter of putting his Christian faith into action. The young dentist will work in a clinic in Jinja, where most of the residents have never seen a toothbrush, never mind a dentist.
How to price DPM services in a noncorporate state
July 18, 2013 -- There are many advantages for a dental practice in joining forces with a dental practice management (DPM) company, according to financial consultant Thomas Climo, PhD. But beware the various state and federal laws that can make forming such relationships tricky.
Self-adhesive composites not always ideal sealants
July 17, 2013 -- Self-adhesive flowable composites have seen the list of indication they're used for expand since their introduction. But how do they perform as a pit-and-fissure sealant when compared with conventional sealants? Greek and Swiss researchers compared the performance of both types of materials to find out.
Texas dentist takes action against critical Yelp comments
July 16, 2013 -- The lawyer for a Texas dentist sent a letter threatening criminal charges to an ex-patient after she posted a negative review on Yelp. But Texas has repealed its criminal libel law and has one of the strongest laws protecting individuals' rights to comment about public interest issues.
Sheri's Solutions: The 8 o'clock patient
July 16, 2013 -- When your first patient of the day shows up half an hour late, what do you do -- accommodate them? Reschedule them? Reprimand them? In this day and age, more often than not you likely go ahead and treat them. Is it worth it in the long run to risk upsetting the day's schedule?
Study sheds new light on link between perio disease, ED
July 15, 2013 -- A growing body of research points to a link between chronic periodontal disease and erectile dysfunction (ED), and the common thread appears to be related to inflammation, according to a new study in the International Journal of Impotence Research.
Study identifies tongue cancer survival predictors
July 15, 2013 -- Tumor thickness and lymph node metastasis are independent predictors of survival rates in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue, according to a new study in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
How to reduce postanesthesia agitation in kids
July 13, 2013 -- Emergence agitation and delirium are commonplace among children who are recovering from sevoflurane general anesthesia. But a recent article in Anesthesia Progress describes a procedure that can successfully avoid these side effects.
Iowa court upholds dentist's firing of female assistant
July 12, 2013 -- The Iowa Supreme Court today reaffirmed its ruling that a dentist acted legally when he fired his female dental assistant because he found her too attractive and was worried her presence in his practice was a threat to his marriage.
Calif. insurance exchange unveils pediatric dental plans
July 11, 2013 -- As states across the U.S. struggle to implement the insurance benefits mandated by the U.S. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, California appears to be ahead of the curve. State officials this week unveiled two plans for pediatric dental coverage, with supporters lauding the simplicity and critics questioning the cost.
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