Earnings and dentistry: An island unto itself
November 20, 2012 -- Is dentistry out of touch with business concepts such as "net income" and "cost of capital" -- concepts that are paramount in understanding the value of companies and their stock market or private equity pricing? Thomas Climo, PhD, argues that it's time for dentistry to join the crowd.
Perio health worse in moms with preterm babies
November 19, 2012 -- A new study has found that periodontal disease was more severe and a periodontitis diagnosis more frequent in mothers with preterm or low-birth-weight babies versus those who had full-term, normal-weight infants. However, tthe placental inflammatory infiltrate and bacterial profile of both groups were not different.
KaVo acquires Aribex
November 16, 2012 -- The KaVo Group has acquired Aribex, developer and manufacturer of the Nomad handheld, portable x-ray system, for an undisclosed sum. What does the future hold for the Utah-based company, which saw its revenues increase 30% year over year in 2011?
Calif. start-up personalizes cone-beam CT training
November 16, 2012 -- A California dentist has embarked on a new venture that provides customized cone-beam CT training to dentists and their staff, with an emphasis on the principles of cone-beam CT and how to use the technology correctly in various clinical applications.
Study questions genotoxic effects of cellphone use
November 15, 2012 -- An evaluation of cell samples from the oral mucosa of mobile phone users showed no genotoxic effect from radiofrequency exposure to the devices. The study analyzed exfoliated cells, which were screened for nuclear abnormalities, especially micronuclei.
Study compares spatter reduction of Isolite, dental dam
November 14, 2012 -- Cold season is here, so what's the best way to protect yourself and your staff from spatter produced while preparing teeth? Researchers found the Isolite system and a dental dam used with a high-volume evacuation to be effective, with a few subtle differences.
Debate over ADA Library cuts not over yet
November 14, 2012 -- With the ADA Library officially in limbo, it's time for its supporters to voice their concerns to ADA leadership about the dismantling of this historic resource without a measured plan in place to meet the needs of the association's history and future, according to Dr. Mary Hayes, a practicing dentist with a master's degree in medical library science.
Are disciplinary actions against DMSOs on the rise?
November 13, 2012 -- More than 30% of disciplinary actions discharged by the New Mexico Board of Dental Health between June 27, 2011, and August 7, 2012 involved dental professionals affiliated with dental management service organizations (DMSOs).
Dental Diaries: Expiration dates
November 13, 2012 -- We all have products that get used more than others. Some materials, drugs, or even food may be sitting on our shelves for longer than we remember. Is it time to check your shelves and storage areas?
Mandibular veneers perform as well as maxillary
November 12, 2012 -- Ceramic mandibular veneers are likely to be as successful as veneer restorations placed on maxillary teeth, according to a new study in the Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry.
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