Study finds link between perio disease, CAD
November 30, 2012 -- A new study in the Journal of Periodontology that looked at the relationship between oral health and coronary artery disease (CAD) in Pakistan found that poor oral health indicators were significantly associated with the disease.
One year later, Fla. county returns to fluoridation
November 29, 2012 -- One year after voting to end water fluoridation, Florida's Pinellas county commission voted November 27 to reinstate the practice for its 700,000 customers. What turn of events prompted the turnaround?
Texas DSO group opposes increased regulation
November 29, 2012 -- The Texas Coalition of Dental Support Organizations, which includes several large dental service organizations (DSOs), says legislative discussions about increased oversight of their businesses could produce regulations that are unnecessary and anticompetitive.
Molecular saliva test detects oral cancer, diabetes
November 28, 2012 -- A Pennsylvania start-up is gearing up to launch a molecular saliva test that analyzes biomarkers to detect oral cancer and diabetes. PeriRx is now conducting clinical trials of its diagnostic test, which has attracted the interest of the U.K.'s National Institute for Health Research.
What does a visit to the ADA Library really cost?
November 27, 2012 -- Does it really cost the ADA $1,000 each time someone physically enters the ADA Library? Dr. Spencer Bloom, a private practice dentist in the Chicago area and a vocal supporter of the ADA Library, questions the ADA's plan to dramatically reduce library services and the cost analysis used to justify the cutbacks.
DEXIS go optimizes case presentation on the iPad
November 27, 2012 -- The new DEXIS go iPad app, which will officially debut in January 2013, combines many features of the DEXIS Imaging Suite with the imaging elegance of the iPad to enhance patient communication and chairside case presentation.
Eco-friendly toothbrushes clean mouths, reduce landfill
November 26, 2012 -- Two companies have recently launched eco-friendly toothbrushes in an attempt to reduce the amount of plastic sent to the landfills via disposable plastic toothbrushes. The Eco-Dentistry Association calls it an exciting trend.
Beyond Practice Management: Hiring and interviewing -- Part 2
November 23, 2012 -- Be prepared! A comprehensive and productive interview with a potential new team member hinges on the quality of the questions you ask. Properly preparing for an employee interview can make all the difference in the world.
Major Calif. city moves toward water fluoridation
November 21, 2012 -- The water board for the district serving most of San Jose, CA, has approved a financing plan to fluoridate the city's water supply. But while $2.4 million from outside sources will help cover the cost, the remaining $4.6 million will have to come from surcharges paid by the public.
ADA responds to debate over library changes
November 21, 2012 -- In response to a flurry of reaction regarding the ADA's plans to scale back services offered through the ADA Library and to decrease the number of librarians on staff, ADA Executive Director Dr. Kathleen O'Loughlin outlines the ADA's decision-making process and clarifies what it means for the library starting in 2013.
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