Second Opinion: PRI community water fluoridation story flawed
December 4, 2015 -- In this Second Opinion, Dr. Howard Pollick details some of the misperceptions and errors in a recent Public Radio International report on community water fluoridation. Dr. Pollick cites 70 years of scientific research in making his case for community water fluoridation.
Time to start talking about taxes
December 3, 2015 -- Avoiding thinking about taxes until 2016? By then, financial planner John G. McCarthy III writes, it is too late to do anything productive. In his latest column, he details some ideas which may make April 15 more pleasant.
U.S. dental spending increased to $113B in 2014
December 3, 2015 -- Spending on dental and oral healthcare in the U.S. increased to more than $113 billion in 2014, a 2.8% increase from 2013, according to a new study in Health Affairs.
Practice success isn't always in the numbers
December 2, 2015 -- The start of the holiday season is a good time for reflection, and the new year is a great opportunity to start fresh. One of the biggest changes you can make for your practice's success in 2016 begins with you. In his latest column, Jay Geier of the Scheduling Institute offers practical advice to take control of your practice's success.
Study: Many pro soccer players have poor oral health
December 2, 2015 -- Professional soccer players are at an increased risk for poor oral health, according to a new study. Researchers found that many U.K. professional footballers have active caries and almost half were bothered by their oral health, which may affect their performance. The study authors recommended implementing oral health education and prevention programs for athletes.
Study finds higher enrollment, more women at dental schools
December 1, 2015 -- Dental schools are reporting higher enrollments, including more female applicants, according to a new study by the University of Virginia and the American Dental Education Association in the Journal of Dental Education. Increased enrollment is attributed to new schools and expanding class sizes at existing schools.
Dos and don'ts for marketing: Increase production with relationship marketing
November 30, 2015 -- The key to increasing production is to create and maintain strong relationships with patients, so that when you present treatment they're inclined to take your advice. This approach, known as relationship marketing, happens to be a perfect match for dental practices, writes Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip.
Why you shouldn't pay your hygienist a guaranteed salary
November 30, 2015 -- How can your hygienist help your practice grow? Practice management consultant Sally McKenzie suggests restructuring the wage structure for these producers and giving them an incentive to help your practice grow.
GNYDM 2015 Preview: Oral cancer experts to be featured
November 27, 2015 -- A panel of experts will discuss the current surgical and medical management of oral cancer patients at the upcoming Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). Experts in otolaryngology, pathology, craniofacial surgery, oncology, and maxillofacial prosthetics will present diagnostic criteria, rehabilitative care, and guidelines for oral cancer.
Top 5 most-read columns and articles in November 2015
November 27, 2015 -- takes a look back at the most-read articles and columns from November 2015, as measured by page views. The month has featured another in our popular Legal Cases series by William Spiegel and Marc R. Leffler, DDS, and our report on the most recent ruling in the ongoing dispute between ClearCorrect and Align Technologies.
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