VA demonstrates fluoride's prevention value
May 19, 2014 -- The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has an expressed goal of decreasing the need for restorations among veterans. So in 2008, it began prescribing and providing fluoride treatment for at-risk subpopulations. But did it work? The results have been published in the current Journal of the American Dental Association.
Dos and don'ts for increasing production: Promote your services to grow your practice
May 19, 2014 -- Only 20% of general practitioner procedures are elective, according to the Levin Group Data Center. Most offices need to include a greater level of elective care to increase production annually. The higher the levels of elective care, the higher the profitability, Dr. Roger P. Levin notes in his latest Practice Success tip.
Report: Colo. dental school investigates minority student discrimination
May 16, 2014 -- An internal review committee at the University of Colorado has found several critical issues regarding how racial-ethnic minority students and other underrepresented groups are treated in the School of Dental Medicine, and wrote in its final report that these findings "warrant immediate attention."
3 things you missed at CDA Presents on Thursday
May 16, 2014 -- ANAHEIM, CA - The opening day of the California Dental Association's CDA Presents conference in Anaheim was highlighted by thousands of attendees and almost a hundred new product launches. From cloud software and kids' toothbrushes to new instruments and clinical sessions, it was a memorable opening day.
National alliance aims to reduce dental disease in U.S.
May 16, 2014 -- A new framework for action to combat the "silent epidemic" of dental disease was presented by the National Oral Health Alliance at the recent National Oral Health Conference. The goal is to improve oral healthcare delivery and reduce the rate of dental disease among U.S. adults and children by ensuring all communities have access to care and prevention
Quality assurance tests essential with digital radiography
May 15, 2014 -- The incorporation of digital radiography into dental practices inevitably means that it must be subjected to quality assurance tests. A new paper has outlined several that can help maintain a high standard of care.
Report: Dentists play key role in school-based sealant programs
May 14, 2014 -- While there is broad consensus that dental sealants are effective, school-based sealant programs often face financial and other challenges that can limit their effectiveness. The Children's Dental Health Project has released a new report that outlines the difficulties faced by school-based sealant programs.
Sheri's Solutions: 'Who is your dentist?'
May 14, 2014 -- In her latest Sheri's Solutions, Dr. Sheri Doniger notes how people tend to forget their dentist's name and relates how her practice helps her patients remember the answer to an all-too-common question, "Who is your dentist?"
The role of staff in a successful sleep medicine practice
May 13, 2014 -- Dr. Michael F. Hnat, shares his experiences in developing a thriving sleep medicine practice. The most important "ingredients" in a dental sleep medicine practice are well-informed, caring, and enthusiastic staff members, he notes.
A humbling experience at California CareForce 2014
May 13, 2014 -- Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Leonard Tyko relates his experiences helping patients at a recent California CareForce event in Southern California. More than $1 million in free health, dental, and vision care services were provided by hundreds of highly skilled medical professionals.
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