Komet unveils new look at ADA 2012
October 19, 2012 -- SAN FRANCISCO - In anticipation of its 90th year in the dental business, Komet showcased an updated look for Komet USA today at the ADA Annual Session.
Bisphosphonates not alone in causing ONJ
October 19, 2012 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) can no longer be called just bisphosphonate-associated ONJ since other drugs also play a role in prompting the condition, according to Cesar Migliorati, DDS, during an expert panel today at the ADA Annual Session.
How to get your team to embrace new technologies
October 19, 2012 -- SAN FRANCISCO - One of the biggest challenges in adopting new technologies into a dental practice is ensuring that the entire dental team is on board with the transition. The key is to have a vision and to clearly communicate the benefits and engage the team in the decision-making process, according to Amy Morgan of the Pride Institute.
Christensen: Class II composites should last longer
October 18, 2012 -- SAN FRANCISCO - While class II composites currently account for the "bread and butter" of U.S. dentistry, their longevity remains an issue, according to Dr. Gordon Christensen in a presentation today at the ADA Annual Session.
Schein, D4D partner with 3M ESPE on new scanner
October 18, 2012 -- SAN FRANCISCO - The 3M ESPE booth at the ADA Annual Session was abuzz today following the company's announcement of its first mill and distribution partners for the new True Definition digital impression scanner and system.
Appealing to patients' emotions improves hygiene compliance
October 18, 2012 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Dental patients are notoriously inattentive to oral hygiene instructions, but there is something hygienists can do to make them pay more attention, according to a presentation today at the ADA Annual Session: Appeal to their emotions.
Wash. insiders talk healthcare, politics at ADA opening session
October 18, 2012 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Economist Robert Reich and conservative columnist George F. Will traded barbs and shared their insights on rising healthcare costs, the economy, and the upcoming presidential election in a lively debate this morning during the ADA opening session.
A financial lesson for dentists
October 18, 2012 -- In his ongoing series about the economic evaluation of dental practices, consultant Thomas Climo, PhD, contends that if a dental practice increases its net income margin, the practice sales price will increase along with it.
ADA resolution could change AAPHD leadership
October 17, 2012 -- A resolution to be voted on by the ADA House of Delegates during the annual session in San Francisco this week could dramatically impact the structure and leadership of the American Association of Public Health Dentistry (AAPHD), according to the AAPHD.
Court tells NYU to grant degrees to dismissed student
October 17, 2012 -- A former student at the New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry who says she was dismissed from the school and denied her degrees after she fell short of completing the $21,000 quota in clinical work required by the school has won a lawsuit to have her degrees honored.
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