Dental Heroes: A conversation with Dr. Gary Parker
December 20, 2012 -- As chief medical officer aboard the world's largest nongovernmental hospital ship, owned and operated by Mercy Ships, Dr. Gary Parker has used his oral and maxillofacial surgery skills to transform lives around the world in complex cases often not seen in the West.
How will new medical device tax affect U.S. dentistry?
December 19, 2012 -- While most products made by U.S. dental labs will not be subject to the new federal medical device excise tax, sleep apnea devices, snore guards, and the materials and components that labs use to make many items will be subject to the 2.3% tax. In addition, labs and dentists will likely be forced to pass on the increased cost to their customers.
Calcium-containing whitening gels may reduce sensitivity
December 19, 2012 -- Teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental procedures today, but it often comes with the undesirable side effect of heightened tooth sensitivity. Now a new study has found that a calcium-containing 35% hydrogen peroxide gel can reduce tooth sensitivity during in-office dental bleaching.
Pediatric dose study supports rectangular collimation
December 18, 2012 -- Digital imaging and rectangular collimation should be used to ensure that the ALARA principle can be maximized when taking bitewing radiographs in pediatric patients, according to a poster presentation at the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology annual meeting last month.
Dos and don'ts for periodontal disease
December 17, 2012 -- Educating patients about gum disease
Delta Dental foundation decries Wash. Medicaid cuts
December 17, 2012 -- Eliminating adult dental care in Washington state's Medicaid program has forced the uninsured to turn to overburdened emergency rooms, according to the Washington Dental Service Foundation. Hospital officials and dental clinics report growing numbers of patients with serious dental problems.
Ask Marty: I am getting emails with digital images attached as .dex files. How do I open them?
December 17, 2012 -- A: The great thing is that digital images are more available. The down side is that many offices are not properly trained on how to share these images with other dental offices.
CDT 2013 and beyond: More changes afoot
December 14, 2012 -- The process by which the ADA's Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature (CDT) is revised has undergone a revamping itself, with a more broad-based maintenance committee and greater transparency. A number of coding changes are set to take effect next month, many of them related to imaging.
Bridging the gap: When technology interfaces go bad
December 13, 2012 -- As practice management systems become more sophisticated and electronic dental records and dental imaging software become more popular, some dental practices are looking at a best-of-breed approach that requires reliable interfaces between vendors. Logical as this may seem, dentists need to be aware of hidden pitfalls, according to health IT expert Mike Uretz.
Dose study disputes bitewing-meningioma link
December 12, 2012 -- A study published in Cancer earlier this year prompted outcry in the dental community because it claimed to have found a link between exposure to dental bitewings and increased risk of developing a certain type of brain tumor. But a new study that provides in-depth organ dose data following exposure to bitewing x-rays calls those findings into question.
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