What's the connection between redheads and IAN blocks?
January 4, 2013 -- Previous research has suggested a link between anesthetic failure and redheaded women. While examining the anesthetic efficacy of the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) block, researchers in a new study turned up a different sort of challenge that these patients face.
A response to ADA's 'scientific study' of dental therapists
January 3, 2013 -- The results of the ADA study published in the current Journal of the American Dental Association do nothing to discredit the utilization of dental therapists in the workforce in their traditional role of providing care for children in school-based programs, according to David A. Nash, DMD, MS, EdD.
ADA study finds poor quality of evidence to support MLPs
January 3, 2013 -- A yearlong systematic review of more than 7,000 studies on midlevel providers (MLPs) conducted by the ADA concludes that the evidence is too poor to compare the effectiveness of their treatment with that of dentists, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Dental Association.
Long-term study supports periodontitis/diabetes link
January 2, 2013 -- The scientific evidence linking type 2 diabetes with a significantly greater risk of periodontitis continues to mount, according to a new study in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. In addition, individuals with diabetes may be at increased risk of tooth loss.
New compressor yields cleaner air, higher capacity
December 31, 2012 -- The RAMVAC Osprey compressor from DentalEZ may represent a shift in compressor technology for the dental industry. After learning how many contaminants can collect in compressors' air receivers, the company doubled down on hygiene for its latest design.
Dental Diaries: End of the year rush?
December 31, 2012 -- 2012 had its ups and downs, but the last few weeks of the year held some pleasant surprises for Dr. Sheri Doniger and her practice. She believes this is a sign of things to come for the new year.
Texas legislators to consider new DSO regulations
December 28, 2012 -- Dental service organizations (DSOs) in Texas would be subject to greater oversight under a new bill introduced to the state Legislature on December 21. The measure, which would require DSOs to register with the state dental board, seeks to ensure that dentists provide care without interference from corporate management.
Dentistry 2012: What a difference a year makes
December 28, 2012 -- Several factors conspired to push many of the issues that are changing the practice of dentistry into the public eye in 2012. So how will these issues -- government regulation, healthcare reform, new workforce models, corporate dentistry, and the oral-systemic health link -- affect the industry in 2013?
Beyond Practice Management: Hiring and interviewing -- Part 3
December 27, 2012 -- Part 1 of this series explored preinterview planning and marketing for new applicants. Part 2 focused on how to choose the best applicant for your team. Here, part 3 reviews reference and background checks and how to successfully incorporate new team members into your practice.
The dental technician's kiss
December 26, 2012 -- Few pictures in history are as enigmatic as the 1945 photo depicting a sailor kissing a nurse in New York's Times Square in celebration of the end of World War II. A recent book recounts a decades-long investigation into who the two people in the picture were and reveals that one of them was a dental assistant.
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