Report: Dental care unaffordable even for insured adults
October 9, 2015 -- Dental care is the most common healthcare need that many insured adults cannot afford, according to a new report from the Urban Institute's Health Policy Center. Some 20% of adults with full-year health insurance say they cannot pay for dental care.
3 people who shouldn't be your transition advisor
October 8, 2015 -- Dental transitions are complex and should be handled by an expert. Unfortunately, many dentists rely on unqualified advisors, which can result in damage to the practice's reputation, lawsuits, and financial losses. Dr. Roger P. Levin describes three types of people you should avoid.
Are anticaries agents effective in high-risk adults?
October 8, 2015 -- What do you tell your adult patients who are at high risk for caries? A large new study from California found that repeated delivery of anticaries agents, including chlorhexidine rinse, topical fluoride, and xylitol products, can reduce tooth decay.
3 patient registration options
October 7, 2015 -- Dr. Tom Cockerell Jr. of Dental Symphony writes about ways in which you and your staff can think about the software used in your practice. In this column, he focuses on patient registration options and which method may be the best for your practice.
Are anesthetic drugs linked to tooth failure?
October 6, 2015 -- Scientists are one step closer to finding a link between local anesthetics and the failure of young permanent teeth. The drugs used in sedation can inhibit new cell growth, potentially leading to developmental failure, according to a recent study.
Office lease negotiating: Part 2 -- Rent
October 6, 2015 -- Paying rent is one of the most heavily negotiated and litigated aspects of a lease. Thousands of dollars are on the line, and payments can drastically affect your cash flow. In part two of this series, Matt LaMaster discusses rent, how it's calculated, and tips on negotiating a better lease.
2015 Dental Excellence Awards nominating period begins
October 5, 2015 -- The Dental Excellence Awards are once again open for nominations, giving you the chance to tell us who should be nominated for dentistry's most prestigious awards. Categories include Best New Restoratives Material, Best Practice Management Consultant, Most Important Story, and more. There are nine categories in all.
Dos and don'ts for social media: Make posts inviting
October 5, 2015 -- Social media may be a great way to build relationships with patients and stay in touch -- but only if you follow some common-sense guidelines when creating posts. The easiest way to learn what to do is to spend time watching what others post and what gets the most positive responses, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.
Sheri's Solutions: 'You should not take the patient'
October 5, 2015 -- What's the first call you received this week? In her latest Sheri's Solutions, Dr. Sheri Doniger recounts her first call of a recent week: an irate father of a patient wondering why the insurance companies weren't covering his daughter's treatment.
Study finds complexity in denture-related stomatitis
October 2, 2015 -- Denture-related stomatitis is currently thought to be a candidal infection. However, a new study from Europe on the oral microbiome of denture wearers has found that the condition is more complex than originally thought, which may eventually change how you treat these patients.
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