General anesthesia safe for special needs patients
February 19, 2008 -- Is it safe to administer general anesthesia to special needs patients undergoing dental procedures? The answer is yes, according to a new study in Anesthesia Progress.
The candidates speak: Dentistry takes a back seat
February 15, 2008 -- Healthcare looms large in the primaries, with most candidates claiming they’ll help uninsured Americans. But no candidate has taken a clear position on helping the uninsured pay for dentistry.
BSML offers cheaper faster veneers
February 14, 2008 -- BSML, Inc., a provider of teeth whitening systems, has released a new veneer product called BriteVeneers.
Dentists play the dating game at work
February 14, 2008 -- When it comes to mixing business with pleasure, dentists are not far behind James Bond. One of five dentists admitted to dating a co-worker or employee, according to a recent survey.
Dentists attack sleep apnea
February 13, 2008 -- Encouraged by new guidelines from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, dentists are making oral appliances that reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea. See two videos on how to fit an appliance.
Delta Dental/AARP pay for three cleanings
February 12, 2008 -- Breaking the cliché of two annual dental cleanings, AARP Dental Insurance Plans administered by Delta Dental now covers a third annual cleaning.
ADA Foundation offers $300K grant to train pediatricians
February 12, 2008 -- The American Dental Association Foundation (ADAF) has announced a $300,000 grant -- to be issued in annual installments of $100,000 -- to fund oral health summits and other educational ventures for pediatricians.
Furor over no-drill technique
February 12, 2008 -- Can dentists safely place a crown over an untreated tooth? New research on the Hall Technique has ignited debate over one of the most fundamental questions in dentistry.
Biolase's Waterlase MD Derm cleared for dermatological and general use
February 11, 2008 -- A version of Biolase Technology's Waterlase MD Laser System has received 510k clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for dermatological, general, and plastic surgery use.
BCBS of Illinois launches new dental care service
February 11, 2008 -- Giving a nod to the oral-systemic link, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) has launched a new service to help its members improve their overall health by improving their oral health.
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