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CarieScan expands into Middle East, Turkey
By DrBicuspid Staff

May 14, 2012 -- CarieScan, a subsidiary of 3D Diagnostic Imaging, has expanded its distribution agreement with Orangedental, which already distributes the company's products in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Under the new agreement, Orangedental's distribution will extend to certain countries in Northern Africa and the Middle East, where there are more than 84,000 dental practitioners, as well as certain countries within the former Soviet Union, where there are more than 88,000 dental practitioners, according to a press release.

The agreement includes a commitment from Orangedental to purchase a minimum of 60 CarieScan Pro early caries detection devices and 800 sensors by September 2012, with additional minimum annual sales levels being achieved thereafter.

CarieScan has also signed a distribution agreement with Lider Dis covering the Turkish market, where there are approximately 17,200 dental practitioners.

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