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American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAO) 2017 Annual Meeting
May 11-13, 2017
Henderson, Nevada United States
Legal Cases: Brain abscess from alleged failure to treat perio disease
June 21, 2016 -- A 47-year-old photographer with periodontal disease and active purulent discharge experienced a seizure eight days after periodontal treatment. As William S. Spiegel and Dr. Marc R. Leffler document, what happened next is a reminder that all antibiotic situations have to be evaluated carefully.
Study links perio disease and long-term marijuana use
June 21, 2016 -- Long-term marijuana use is associated with periodontal disease, according to a new study in JAMA Psychiatry. However, chronic pot smokers did not develop other health problems associated with tobacco use, such as decreased lung function and increased inflammation.
Hu-Friedy introduces new device
June 20, 2016 -- Dental instrument and product manufacturer Hu-Friedy has introduced a new device for biofilm removal.
Geistlich Pharma launches new package size for Bio-Oss
May 18, 2016 -- Geistlich Pharma North America has introduced a new package size for its Bio-Oss bone substitute.
Interleukin Genetics reports increased Q1 revenues
May 17, 2016 -- Interleukin Genetics reported an increase in revenues for the first quarter of 2016.
Interleukin moves closer to U.S. patent for PerioPredict
April 27, 2016 -- Interleukin Genetics moved closer to patent protection for its PerioPredict genetic risk test as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a notice of allowance for a patent.
Study: Oral bacteria linked to pancreatic cancer risk
April 26, 2016 -- When certain bacteria are found in a patient's mouth, it may indicate an increased risk for pancreatic cancer, according to a study presented by U.S. researchers at the recent meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.
Interleukin's PerioPredict gets New England coverage
April 22, 2016 -- Interleukin Genetics' PerioPredict genetic risk test will now be covered by New England's Comprehensive Benefit Administrators' (CBA) Freedom Dental Plan after an April 21 agreement between Interleukin and Reimbursement Specialists, a CBA company.
Periodontic, hygiene speakers named for Siroworld
April 22, 2016 -- Dentsply Sirona has announced four speakers for the periodontic/hygiene track at the inaugural Siroworld event in August.
FDA clarifies approach toward Interleukin perio test
April 15, 2016 -- Interleukin Genetics announced that it has reached an agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that clarifies the agency's regulatory approach toward its PerioPredict genetic test for periodontic disease.
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