Study measures displacement of zirconia crowns into implants
May 25, 2017 -- When you are tightening a CAD/CAM-fabricated zirconia single-implant crown into an internal conical seal implant-abutment connection, you know there is going to be some displacement, but how much? The researchers of a new study measured this displacement and also asked if it's enough to affect the proximal contacts and occlusion of the prosthesis.
Study tests particle-filled resins for partial crowns
May 4, 2017 -- What materials do you use for single-tooth, partial-crown restorations? Particle-filled composite resin CAD/CAM materials are a promising addition to practitioner's toolbox, but do they hold up over time? Researchers tested 42 partial-crown restorations over two years to see how well these restorations performed.
Biolase reports flat revenue for Q1
May 4, 2017 -- Laser and CAD/CAM scanner company Biolase reported flat revenue for its fiscal first quarter of 2017.
Products to look for at CDA Presents 2017 in Anaheim: Part 2
May 2, 2017 -- A highlight of the California Dental Association's (CDA) upcoming CDA Presents 2017 meeting in Anaheim, CA, will be the many products on display in the exhibit hall. Here we bring you a preview of these products.
What you need to know about 3D printing in dentistry
April 25, 2017 -- Want to print teeth for your patients? Dentists discussed how 3D printing is changing dentistry at the recent 3DHeals 2017 conference in San Francisco. Printing teeth and dentures may be just beyond our capabilities at present, but as costs come down it will become a reality in the near future.
3Shape software integrates with RMO's bracket system
April 17, 2017 -- 3Shape announced that the company's indirect bonding application will now digitally integrate with Rocky Mountain Orthodontics' (RMO) bracket system.
Product highlights from IDS 2017: Part 1
March 27, 2017 -- COLOGNE, GERMANY - Dental journalist Kevin Henry attended the 2017 International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany, and saw the plethora of amazing new technologies that were introduced. He offers a roundup of these introductions in the first of a two-part exclusive series for
New product: Planmeca offers entry-level milling unit
March 27, 2017 -- Dental equipment manufacturer Planmeca has introduced an entry-level milling unit.
New product: Planmeca adds implant guide module
March 24, 2017 -- Dental equipment manufacturer Planmeca has launched a new surgical implant guide module to its Planmeca Romexis software, enabling a fully digital implant workflow.
Which materials maintain their strength after grinding?
March 23, 2017 -- Maintaining a restorative material's strength after grinding and polishing is a key concern for practitioners using a chairside CAD/CAM process. However, between glass-ceramic materials and so-called softer materials, which retain the most strength after a grinding and polishing process? A new study has an answer.
Special Feature
3D visualization makes learning dental anatomy a snap

The 3D Digital Head and Neck model, developed at the Glasgow School of Art, is designed to enable students and clinical trainees to view, manipulate, and interact with a 3D head in real-time in order to develop an understanding of anatomy and learn diagnostic techniques and procedures. Read more.

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