DentaQuest Institute develops vision for oral health system
December 18, 2014 -- The DentaQuest Institute has formed a National Oral Health Quality Improvement Committee to discuss how the oral healthcare system can use tools of quality and accountability to provide better care.
MD Brush launches new toothbrush to target gum disease
December 18, 2014 -- MD Brush has introduced a new ergonomically designed toothbrush specifically crafted to target the gingival sulcus.
Review highlights ways to prevent, manage ONJ
December 17, 2014 -- An international review of more than a decade's worth of research on osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) points to an increased risk for patients taking certain drugs; those undergoing dental surgery; and people with poor oral hygiene, chronic inflammation, diabetes, or ill-fitting dentures.
Parental behavior modifications can benefit kids' oral hygiene
December 16, 2014 -- A new paper in the Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene highlights the crisis in children's oral care and offers a proven program of treatment and behavior modification that has shown results in improving children's oral hygiene.
Maine Dental Health Out-Reach gets $350K grant
December 16, 2014 -- Maine Dental Health Out-Reach, which has provided oral care to thousands of schoolchildren, has received a $350,000 grant from the Next Generation Foundation of Maine.
U.S. House approves oral health spending
December 15, 2014 -- The spending bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives last week increased spending on several dental care, oral health research, and residency training programs and departments through fiscal year 2015, according to an ADA News story.
Funmodity launches attachable toothbrush cup on Kickstarter
December 15, 2014 -- Funmodity has created the new Garppy, a multitone color silicone cup that can attach to almost any manual toothbrush for an easy rinse. To help push the project into production, the company is launching a Kickstarter campaign.
Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City awards $4.1M in oral health grants
December 12, 2014 -- The Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City has awarded a total of nearly $4.1 million in safety-net funding to 31 nonprofit organizations in 2014, the organization announced.
DentaQuest donates $189K to Maryland Dental Action Coalition
December 11, 2014 -- The Maryland Dental Action Coalition has received $189,000 from the DentaQuest Foundation's Oral Health 2020 grant.
SC's Healthy Connections program supports oral health
December 10, 2014 -- In this Second Opinion, Rebekah Mathews, the regional director of DentaQuest South Carolina, examines the issues surrounding the far-too-frequent lack of adult dental care for many Medicaid programs and the benefits of South Carolina's recently enacted legislation for adult preventive dental care.
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More dental hygienists administering local anesthesia

A handful of U.S. states -- primarily in the south -- still do not allow dental hygienists to administer local anesthesia. But the landscape is slowly shifting, according to Tricia Osuna, RDH, who gave a talk on the subject at the 2013 Pacific Dental Conference. Read more.

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