Patients with type 2 diabetes more likely to develop periodontitis
June 22, 2017 -- Periodontal disease is a major complication of diabetes mellitus. But are patients with type 2 diabetes more likely to develop periodontal disease than those with type 1 diabetes? Researchers found that type 2 diabetes patients were more likely to have periodontitis and gingivitis, and they presented their findings at the recent American Diabetes Association's annual meeting.
The causes of root sensitivity
June 21, 2017 -- Dr. Alvin Danenberg recently consulted with a patient with a long-standing problem with tooth-root sensitivity. Many patients may not be aware of the possible causes or may be inadvertently triggering this problem with too-aggressive flossing or brushing. Dr. Danenberg offers some ideas for talking with your patients about this issue.
49 state associations sign charters with ADHA
June 21, 2017 -- The American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) announced that two additional state associations have signed charter agreements with the organization at its recent annual conference in Jacksonville, FL. This brings the total number of chartered constituents to 49.
U.S. appeals court upholds decision for AAID over Texas board
June 21, 2017 -- A U.S. appeals court has affirmed a lower court's decision in favor of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) that the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners' rule on dental specialist advertising is unconstitutional.
Handpieces may spread harmful microorganisms
June 20, 2017 -- Syringes, scalers, and high-speed handpieces could be spreading harmful microorganisms in your dental practice, according to the findings of a recent systematic review that evaluated where pathogenic bioaerosols come from and what risk they pose to dental staff and patients.
Can early-life family income influence lifelong dental pain?
June 19, 2017 -- Lower socioeconomic status is known to negatively affect various health outcomes, but scant information is available on its relationship to dental pain. To learn more, researchers of a new study investigated the effects of family income early in life and parental education on dental pain in adulthood.
7 ways to talk with your patients about flossing
June 15, 2017 -- Do your patients continue to ask if they have to floss? U.S. researchers looked at the evidence for and against flossing, and they offered seven strategies for talking about it with your patients in hopes of improving their oral health.
Study: Laser therapy reduces dentin hypersensitivity
June 13, 2017 -- With dentin hypersensitivity being one of the most common complaints of patients, general dentists and periodontists are eager to find ways to ease patient discomfort. Recent research suggests that laser therapy is a promising option.
Spring 2017 new-product roundup from
June 9, 2017 -- During spring 2017, new products ranging from a topical anesthetic gel to dentures and scalers were introduced. Here is our roundup of new products from Vita North America, Komet USA, Premier Dental Products, and other companies.
Ore. school-based program gets $124K grant
June 9, 2017 -- An Oregon program that provides school-based dental care for children has received a $124,000 grant from the Ford Family Foundation.
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