6 ways the AHCA may affect your dental practice
May 11, 2017 -- On May 4, the U.S. House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill, known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA), designed to reshape healthcare in the U.S. Some of the bill's provisions may directly affect your practice and your patients.
Is good customer service hurting your practice?
May 11, 2017 -- Most practices have good customer service, but good is no longer good enough, Dr. Roger P. Levin notes. In the first of a new series focusing on this important aspect of patient growth, he writes that you need to provide great customer service to stand out in today's crowded dental field.
Birner reports decreased revenue and earnings in Q1
May 11, 2017 -- Birner Dental Management Services reported a decrease in revenue and earnings for the first quarter of 2017.
What's the best dental insurance?
May 10, 2017 -- What's the best dental insurance? I get asked this question by my patients, and I'm sure you do also. As Dr. Alvin Danenberg writes, it's not the dental rider on your employer's health plan. It's not the government-assisted program better known as a freebie. It's not some self-pay contraption. It's none of those obvious things. Read on to find out what it is.
6 reasons why you should offer incentives to your team
May 10, 2017 -- Incentives are powerful, according to Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier. He offers incentives to his team at the Scheduling Institute and advises his clients to do the same. When administered appropriately, incentives motivate people to expand their current capacity and do more for their jobs, he writes.
How do you manage medically complex patients?
May 9, 2017 -- Oral health practitioners are seeing a wider range of medically complex patients, so when planning treatments they need to consider the patients' overall health and not just that of their teeth and mouth, according to a presentation on May 5 at the California Dental Association's CDA Presents 2017 meeting.
Do's and don'ts for the office manager: Get ready for summer
May 8, 2017 -- For many practices, summer is the busiest time of the year. Take some time to review the patient schedule for the next three months. Check employees' vacation schedules to make sure you have adequate coverage. In his latest Practice Success tip, Dr. Roger P. Levin offers these and other tips for getting your practice ready for summer.
How to get Medicaid dental compliance right
May 8, 2017 -- One way Medicaid officials look for potential fraud cases is to look at an office's compliance program. As Andrew Oreffice, a senior vice president at Benevis Practice Services writes, having a comprehensive compliance program in place is a good way to get ahead of any issues.
U.S. House passes bill to repeal and replace Obamacare
May 4, 2017 -- The U.S. House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare," on May 4. The bill gives states more control over the essential services they cover, including pediatric dental care.
Dentistry and diagnostic coding
May 4, 2017 -- Did you know that five U.S. states already require the use of some diagnostic codes for Medicaid dental claims? As Dr. Mark Jurkovich writes, many procedures performed in a dental office require these codes, and understanding them can help your patients and your practice.
What's your practice worth?
The average current value of a practice is . How much is your practice worth? Find out now!