Are periodontitis and rheumatoid arthritis linked?
September 13, 2017 -- At first glance, periodontal disease and rheumatoid arthritis may not seem to have anything in common. However, periodontist Alvin Danenberg digs into the research and finds they may have more common ground than first thought.  Discuss
Data Trends: Why are more diagnostic services being done?
September 12, 2017 -- How many diagnostic services does your practice perform each month? Is it 350? 450? More? Fewer? How does your practice's number of diagnostic services performed each month compare with other practices in the U.S.? Alitta Boechler of Sikka Software looks at the data.  Discuss
Are middle-aged Americans taking care of their mouths?
September 12, 2017 -- Almost 40% of U.S. adults between the ages of 50 and 64 cited pain and other health problems because of an oral health issue in a recent poll. Perhaps more worrying is that 13% of respondents said they expected Medicare or Medicaid to cover their dental care when they are older. Learn more about the results and what they mean to your practice.  Discuss
JADA report: Fewer dentists own practices
September 11, 2017 -- Fewer dentists owned a dental practice in 2015 than in 2005, according to an article in the September 2017 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association. Author Marko Vujicic, PhD, from the ADA Health Policy Institute, explored how this trend is poised to change dentistry.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for customer service: Convenience matters
September 11, 2017 -- You can be the greatest dentist in the world and have the friendliest staff, but if your hours aren't convenient, patients will choose to go elsewhere. People are busier than ever before, and it's harder for many patients to make it to the dentist during normal business hours. If you're having trouble growing your practice, your office hours be an issue, notes Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss
Dental chain to pay $1.4M to resolve Medicaid billing case
September 8, 2017 -- The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced an almost $1.4 million Medicaid billing settlement with Dental Dreams.  Discuss
Infographic: Toothache and U.S. emergency department visits
September 7, 2017 -- Having a toothache was the most reported avoidable reason for patients to visit an emergency department (ED), according to a new study. Researchers also found that among avoidable visits, dental issues were the second most frequent reason for discharge from the ED.  Discuss
Second Opinion: It's time to extend CHIP
September 7, 2017 -- The Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) runs out of federal funding on September 30, leaving Congress with only a few weeks to ensure that nearly 9 million children maintain their medical and dental coverage. Deborah Vishnevsky from the Children's Dental Health Project outlines the reasons to extend this important program.  Discuss
Western Dental acquires 14 Calif. practices
September 7, 2017 -- Western Dental has acquired Kids Dental Kare, a provider of pediatric dental services in 14 California cities.  Discuss
6 tips to put even your most nervous patients at ease
September 6, 2017 -- The thought of going to the dentist sends some patients into a state of panic. However, visiting the dentist is not just difficult for the patient -- treating these patients can be stressful for you and your team. Practice management consultant Sally McKenzie offers six tips to help you put these patients at ease.  Discuss
What's your practice worth?
The average current value of a practice is . How much is your practice worth? Find out now!