Practice Management
What are mouthguards actually used for?
December 22, 2015 -- Technically speaking, mouthguards can be used for many things, one of the most important things they can't do is protect your patients against concussions. Sierra Soleimani of the mouthguard manufacturer SISU writes that practitioners need to be aware of what these crucial devices can and cannot do.  Discuss
Legal Cases: Failure to diagnose and treat periodontal disease
December 21, 2015 -- is pleased to present the next column from two lawyers who spend every day defending dentists in litigation and before the licensing board. The purpose of this column is to offer our readers a fresh perspective on common practice and risk management issues from attorneys who litigate these issues. This case concerns periodontal disease and notes in charts.  Discuss
Dos and don'ts for leadership: Earn your team's trust
December 21, 2015 -- As practice leader, you need to bring out the best in your staff. One simple lesson that will stand you well throughout your career is to teach your team members that they can trust you. In his latest Practice Success tip, Dr. Roger P. Levin explains why this is essential and how to earn your team members' trust.  Discuss
Carestream Dental, Solutionreach to integrate software
December 18, 2015 -- Solutionreach has signed a software integration agreement with Carestream Dental.  Discuss Dental Excellence Awards 2015 finalists
December 17, 2015 -- is pleased to announce the finalists chosen by our readers in the 2015 Dental Excellence Awards. We want to thank the hundreds of readers who participated in the voting.  Discuss
Practice turnaround: Practice versus team
December 17, 2015 -- What do you do when your sense of obligation and loyalty to your team members starts hurting your practice? In this case study excerpt from his recent book, Practice Turnaround: Succeeding in the New Dental Economy, Dr. Roger P. Levin illustrates how a struggling dental practice can turn the financial situation around.  Discuss
3 reasons you need a wake-up, I mean, a mystery call
December 16, 2015 -- Your front desk team might only be 15 feet away from you, but you probably have no idea what's actually going on when they pick up the phone to speak to a patient. That's where mystery calls come in, according to Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier. They can generate revenue, improve your practice, and change the outlook of your future.  Discuss
DentalEZ launches online operatory design tool
December 16, 2015 -- DentalEZ has launched the Operatory Designer, an online tool that allows dental professionals to visualize and personally configure operatories.  Discuss
Do I need to use ICD-10 in my practice?
December 15, 2015 -- Since the October 1, 2015, introduction of ICD-10 codes, practices nationwide have asked, "Do I need to use these codes in my practice or can I still use ICD-9 codes?" MacPractice's Tiffany Yanagida offers some answers to this question and others.  Discuss
Infographic: New ADA report shows state of U.S. oral health
December 14, 2015 -- When it comes to oral health in the U.S., it is easy to focus on the work that still needs to be done. However, a hefty new ADA Health Policy Institute report details a promising trend for oral health, even amid the sometimes dreary statistics.  Discuss
What's your practice worth?
The average current value of a practice is . How much is your practice worth? Find out now!