Benefits of laser oral surgery for your practice and patients
January 21, 2015 -- In this Second Opinion, periodontist Dr. Cyril Evian advocates for the use of lasers in dentistry. He details the advantages of using a laser in your practice, including an expanded clientele, less patient anxiety, and more productive time.
Avalon offers stain-proof bioceramic for dentistry
January 21, 2015 -- Avalon Biomed has launched NeoMTA Plus, a stain-proof mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) material with multiple indications for vital pulp therapy and other endodontic procedures.
Many kids in England need hospital care for early childhood caries
January 20, 2015 -- Nearly a third of 5-year-old children in England have caries, and it is the main reason why many young children are hospitalized, according to a new report by the Royal College of Surgeons' Faculty of Dental Surgery.
Stratasys launches Dental Advantage 3D printer
January 16, 2015 -- Stratasys has launched the Objet Eden260VS Dental Advantage 3D Printer.
CDC updates chronic disease indicators
January 15, 2015 -- The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated the chronic disease indicators (CDI) and redesigned the CDI online database.
Bisco introduces Universal Primer
January 12, 2015 -- Bisco Dental Products has released Universal Primer, a low film thickness, dual-cure primer/adhesive designed for dentists who prefer not to light cure the adhesive layer under indirect restorations.
Doctors implant Syrian man with titanium jaw
January 9, 2015 -- A Syrian man received a pioneering jaw implant made from titanium after a bullet wound in his country's civil war destroyed his lower jaw. The operation and implant had the patient eating and speaking again a day after his surgery
New biomaterial may rebuild enamel, reduce sensitivity
January 8, 2015 -- A new biomaterial paste may be able to rebuild worn enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity for an extended period, scientists from Taiwan report in a recent study published online in ACS Nano.
Hu-Friedy launches new Atraumair forceps
January 8, 2015 -- Hu-Friedy has introduced its new line of Atraumair forceps, which are designed for optimal access and enhanced crown and root engagement.
Brasseler updates aluminum bur blocks with silicone inserts
January 7, 2015 -- Brasseler USA has introduced an updated version of its standard aluminum bur block. The company now offers aluminum bur blocks equipped with silicone inserts for optimum security and organization.