New product: Shofu launches low-shrink composite
May 4, 2017 -- Materials and equipment company Shofu Dental has launched a hybrid composite formulated to minimize polymerization shrinkage and shrinkage stress for all classes of restorations.  Discuss
Biolase reports flat revenue for Q1
May 4, 2017 -- Laser and CAD/CAM scanner company Biolase reported flat revenue for its fiscal first quarter of 2017.
Interproximally reduced teeth fare better with fluoride
May 3, 2017 -- Can fluoride varnish prevent demineralization of teeth following interproximal reduction? To find out, researchers put two varnishes to the test, running dozens of reduced dental surfaces through a simulated oral environment.  Discuss
New product: Premier launches pit-and-fissure sealant
May 3, 2017 -- Premier Dental Products has introduced a new bioactive resin pit-and-fissure sealant.  Discuss
Products to look for at CDA Presents 2017 in Anaheim: Part 2
May 2, 2017 -- A highlight of the California Dental Association's (CDA) upcoming CDA Presents 2017 meeting in Anaheim, CA, will be the many products on display in the exhibit hall. Here we bring you a preview of these products.  Discuss
What you need to know about 3D printing in dentistry
April 25, 2017 -- Want to print teeth for your patients? Dentists discussed how 3D printing is changing dentistry at the recent 3DHeals 2017 conference in San Francisco. Printing teeth and dentures may be just beyond our capabilities at present, but as costs come down it will become a reality in the near future.  Discuss
New product: Komet adds crown cutter
April 24, 2017 -- Komet USA has introduced a new crown cutter to aid in removing adhesive-bonded, ceramic restorations.  Discuss
New implant coating reduces bacterial growth, adhesion
April 21, 2017 -- Silver and hydroxyapatite nanoparticles may be the key to reducing the implant failure rate. A new, biocompatible implant coated with the two materials effectively prevented biofilm growth and adhesion in a recent study.  Discuss
Study: Fluoride varnish as effective as sealant for caries prevention
April 19, 2017 -- Preventing caries on occlusal surfaces of molars is a key preventive care objective in all patients, but especially for children and those from lower socioeconomic groups. A new study compared fluoride varnish and pit-and-fissure sealant for caries prevention in these children.  Discuss
New product: Komet launches composite polishers
April 18, 2017 -- Komet USA has launched its new Footsie composite polishers with thick ends that resemble feet.  Discuss
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Study finds SDF safe and effective on kids' teeth
Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) was found to be safe and 100% effective in stopping active caries in primary teeth of at-risk children and was also well-accepted by their parents in a new study, published in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry. Read more.
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