Ritter to show expanded handpiece line at Chicago Midwinter
February 11, 2014 -- Ritter Dental USA will introduce an expanded line of handpieces at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, held February 20-22.
New distributor S-R Tek to sell dental products
February 11, 2014 -- S-R Tek, a new dental products distributor based in Delaware, will sell a line of small dental equipment, including high- and low-speed handpieces.
New dental laser may open patient care options
February 7, 2014 -- What wavelength of laser do you use in your practice? How do your patients react? A new laser on the market may offer dentists the ability to use less anesthesia and have more control over patient treatment.
3M ESPE launches new automatic mixing unit
February 4, 2014 -- 3M ESPE has introduced the Pentamix Lite automatic mixing unit, a portable mixer that works with all 3M ESPE impression materials.
Essential Dental launches new ultrasonic tips
January 29, 2014 -- Essential Dental Systems (EDS) has added a new product to its line of dental devices, EDS Ultrasonic Tips.
NSK Dental launches new handpieces
January 21, 2014 -- NSK Dental has launched the 26-watt, standard head Ti-Max Z900L series and the 23-watt, miniature head Ti-Max Z800L series.
Does asymptomatic third-molar removal benefit second molars?
December 19, 2013 -- The efficacy of asymptomatic third-molar removal has been hotly debated in dentistry. Now a new study examining a trove of data from a U.S. Veterans Affairs study has found evidence that it could benefit second molars. Case closed?
Heraeus Kulzer settles gray-market suit against Omni Dental
December 19, 2013 -- Heraeus Kulzer has settled a lawsuit against Omni Dental Supply over complaints that Omni illegally sold gray-market Heraeus Kulzer products.
Hawaii girl suffers brain damage during root canal surgery
December 13, 2013 -- A 3-year-old girl in Hawaii suffered brain damage after she was allegedly given too much anesthesia during a root canal procedure by a dentist on Oahu.
Acupuncture helps reduce gag reflex during impression taking
December 11, 2013 -- How many of your patients gag, or think they will gag, during a procedure? This is unpleasant both for patients and dental professionals, and might be preventing some patients from seeking oral healthcare. However, a recent Italian study suggests there may be a relatively simple solution: acupuncture.
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