Understanding practice valuation -- It's not just return on investment
October 31, 2014 -- In this Second Opinion, certified public accountant and valuation analyst Mike Bark makes the case that dental brokers take many factors into consideration when coming to a valuation of a practice, including demographics, location, equipment, and more.
What dentists can learn from CEOs about setting and hitting targets
October 30, 2014 -- In the latest excerpt from his book, What Dentists Can Learn From Top CEOs, Dr. Roger P. Levin draws the distinction between targets and goals, and explains how to set -- and hit -- your targets for your practice.
How profitable are your associate dentists? Part 4 -- Expenses
October 29, 2014 -- Consultant Thomas Climo, PhD, and Jill Nesbitt, MBA, continue their series of examining how to measure the productivity and determine the profitability of each provider in your practice. This time the focus is on allocating the expenses based on production.
3 reasons you're losing patients
October 29, 2014 -- DrBicuspid.com welcomes practice management expert Sally McKenzie's insight into how you can run a more successful practice. Her first column focuses on three reasons your practice isn't retaining patients.
Dental Sedation Death and Injuries: Part 1 -- Perspectives
October 28, 2014 -- In his latest series for DrBicuspid.com, Dr. Michael W. Davis focuses on injuries and death that result from dental sedation incidents and how the profession can work together to limit the risks. In this first part, he looks at the reporting, monitoring, and reimbursement status of sedation.
Dos and don'ts for leadership: Grow yourself to grow your practice
October 27, 2014 -- Almost no one is born an excellent leader. Leadership comprises of skills that can be learned and improved upon just like a language or other area of study. As the CEO of the practice, dentists should strive to constantly better themselves, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin. Ultimately, becoming a stronger leader will help doctors get the most out of their careers.
ADEA president urges action, education on fluoride benefits
October 23, 2014 -- In this column, American Dental Education Association (ADEA) President and CEO Dr. Richard Valachovic cites the scientific evidence behind the use of fluoride in community water and urges dental professionals in all communities to take the lead on this issue.
How profitable are your associate dentists? Part 3 -- Hours worked and collection
October 22, 2014 -- In this multipart series, Thomas Climo, PhD, and Jill Nesbitt, MBA, examine a dental practice group and the profitability of its associate dentists. In this third part, they focus on two additional methods to measure the performance of associate dentists based on hours worked and collection.
Dos and don'ts for the new patient experience: First impressions last
October 20, 2014 -- The average new patient contributes a production level of approximately three times that of a current patient. That's why it's so important to make an excellent first impression, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin. The patient sees that yours is a caring practice dedicated to providing excellent dentistry -- and the patient in turn will become dedicated to the practice.
Why women in dentistry rock!
October 20, 2014 -- Amy Morgan, CEO of the Pride Institute, examines how the leadership and problem-solving skills that are considered feminine are really just the beginning of a new way for you to look at opportunities to make your practice better.