What dentists can learn from CEOs about building value in their business
November 26, 2014 -- In the latest excerpt from his book, What Dentists Can Learn From Top CEOs, Dr. Roger P. Levin examines the ways you can build value in your practice. He lists 12 indicators of your practice's value, many of which you may not be thinking about.
Sheri's Solutions: Recipe chat
November 26, 2014 -- As Dr. Sheri Doniger relates in her latest Sheri's Solutions, the conversation that goes on between dentist, staff, and patient doesn't have to be related to sports or news. Sometimes, especially around the holidays, talking about recipes and cooking is the way to build your relationships.
Second Opinion: Financial barriers to care still main concern
November 24, 2014 -- In this response to Dr. Frank Catalanotto's recent Second Opinion on the ADA's barriers to care research brief, Marko Vujicic, PhD, chief economist and vice president of the ADA's Health Policy Institute, presents the reasoning why, while supply-related barriers are an issue, financial-related barriers are a more crucial development.
Q&A: Dr. Edward H. Moody Jr. on pediatric sedation issues
November 24, 2014 -- With sedation of pediatric patients remaining an issue for the larger dental community, DrBicuspid.com invited Dr. Edward H. Moody Jr., the president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, to offer some insight on when to sedate and when to refer, as well as other relevant, practical information. Dr. Moody emphasizes the need for communication among all practitioners, patients, and parents and knowing your limits as a practitioner.
Dos and don'ts for customer service: Upgrade your amenities
November 24, 2014 -- In some dental practices, little thought has been given to the question of what amenities to make available to patients in the reception area. Other practices may have paid attention to this issue. Either way, they're falling short on customer service. By welcoming patients to your office with thoughtful little extras, you can strengthen their loyalty to the practice tremendously, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.
Trifecta of Troubles: Part 2 -- A dentist's hands are more than technical appendages
November 19, 2014 -- In the second of her three-part series discussing a head, hands, and heart approach in dentistry, Dr. Lisa Knowles focuses on the hands -- specifically what dentists do with hands.
ADA brief on barriers to care misleading
November 17, 2014 -- In this Second Opinion, Dr. Frank Catalanotto comments on the ADA's recent brief on barriers to dental care. He writes that while this is an issue that needs further study, the brief's conclusions might be based on flawed methodology.
Dos and don'ts for practice leadership: Be your practice's CEO -- chief energy officer
November 17, 2014 -- It takes a considerable amount of energy to get through a normal day in a dental practice, and the demand is even greater on more stressful, chaotic days. As the practice leader, you need to ensure that your team's energy level remains high, and you can make that happen by using special staff-energizing techniques, Dr. Roger P. Levin notes in his latest Practice Success tip.
Hygiene production down? Here's how to fix it
November 17, 2014 -- Practice management expert Sally McKenzie offers her insight into how you can run a more successful practice. This column focuses on recognizing and fixing hygiene scheduling issues, and she provides tips to help you revive your hygiene department and grow your income.
Group Practice Models Course at ADA 2014 offered variations on a theme
November 13, 2014 -- In this Second Opinion, consultant Thomas Climo, PhD, gives an overview and review of the Group Practice Models Course at the ADA's 2014 Annual Meeting last month in San Antonio. Six panelists presented on variations of the group practice model.