3 reasons why patients just don't appreciate you
August 8, 2017 -- No matter what you and your team members do, many of your patients just don't value dentistry, and they certainly don't appreciate what you can do for their smile. Why does this happen and what can you do about it? Practice management consultant Sally McKenzie offers three possible reasons and how to address these concerns.  Discuss
Sugar causes more problems than just rotten teeth
August 2, 2017 -- You know that dietary sugars are a major cause of tooth decay, but do you know that these sugars cause more than just rotten teeth? In his latest column, Dr. Alvin Danenberg reviews some recent literature on the subject and discusses how he talks with his patients about this topic and their health.  Discuss
The law of attraction
August 2, 2017 -- Have you heard of the law of attraction? Basically, whatever you are moving toward is also moving toward you. But what does this mean for your practice and your patients? Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier asks, what and who are you attracting?  Discuss
Are periodontitis and metabolic syndrome connected?
July 19, 2017 -- Dr. Alvin Danenberg notes that chronic inflammation is a symptom of both gum disease and metabolic syndrome. In his latest column, he wonders what would happen if this chronic inflammation could be brought under control and the body's cells are given a chance to heal.  Discuss
How to create a patient communication loop
July 18, 2017 -- If you are not used to creating a communication loop with others, or if you have no idea what a communication loop is, you are probably missing out on stronger relationships with those around you, writes Dr. Lisa Knowles. In her latest column, she defines this concept of a communication loop and shows how it can help your practice.  Discuss
Second Opinion: Is toothpaste necessary?
July 5, 2017 -- There are more than 1,400 different types of toothpaste available, according to Dr. Alvin Danenberg. But is toothpaste itself necessary for your patients to properly clean their teeth? He asks this provocative question to discuss the larger topic of what is in toothpaste, what manufacturers claim, and the best way for you to help your patients clean their teeth.  Discuss
What motivates you to save your life?
June 7, 2017 -- What motivates any of us to save our own lives? Dr. Alvin Danenberg recalls a past patient who came to his office for periodontal treatment but had a much more concerning health issue: This patient had already lost a lung from smoking and continued to smoke. This patient's particular circumstances made Dr. Danenberg ask what it takes to get people to save their own life?  Discuss
What is your relationship with power and control?
June 5, 2017 -- Dr. Lisa Knowles wanted to know more about her team and how they could work together better. So her office took a personality test. The results reminded her that we all have power and control issues. But the real issue, she writes, is when you try to lead your team without knowing their personalities -- or your own.  Discuss
3 problems with self-help for your practice
May 31, 2017 -- When dentists are struggling, they may find it difficult to admit they need help, writes Sally McKenzie. Instead of seeking outside advice from an industry expert, they tell themselves they can fix their practice problems on their own. She details three reasons why these good intentions often do not turn into practice advances.  Discuss
Does gum disease cause cardiovascular disease?
May 24, 2017 -- Does gum disease cause cardiovascular disease? This is a critical question. It needs to be answered, if possible. Dr. Alvin Danenberg looks at three peer-reviewed medical studies and offers his clinical perspective on this crucial issue for your patients' health.  Discuss