Sheri's Solutions: 'Do you really need to know what I am taking?'
October 1, 2014 -- In her latest Sheri's Solutions, Dr. Sheri Doniger highlights the importance of talking with patients at every visit about every medication they are taking. She notes that patients won't always remember all their medications unless you ask.
Dos and don'ts for practice leadership: Know when to rely on outside experts
September 29, 2014 -- Some of the most important decisions practice owners must make are in areas they know little about. Take advantage of outside experts' knowledge and experience when faced with major decisions in areas such as real estate, law, and financial planning, Dr. Roger P. Levin advises. You and your practice will benefit enormously.
Blind Spots: Your internal credit guidelines
September 25, 2014 -- In her latest Blind Spots column, practice management consultant Jan Keller asks when was the last time you and your team had a meeting to review and collaborate on your expectations regarding collections? These guidelines could be your "secret weapon" to reduce stress and increase collections, she writes.
Distortions in the DMF index generated by changing paradigms in dentistry
September 24, 2014 -- In his latest column, Dr. Michael W. Davis examines how the rapid change in dental technology is influencing DMF index studies and the implications for dentists and dentistry as a whole.
But it doesn't hurt!
September 24, 2014 -- In her latest column, stress management expert Jen Butler draws a parallel between patients' mindset about accepting necessary treatment and some of her previous clients' initial reaction to the importance of stress management.
Dos and don'ts for team building: Spend a day out of the office
September 22, 2014 -- Your team spends so many hours at your practice, just getting away to another venue can do wonders for team morale. Plan an all-day team retreat that features pleasant surroundings, good food, and fun that everyone can enjoy, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip.
Levin Q&A: Dealing with the new dental economy
September 18, 2014 -- In the latest edition of his Q&A series, Dr. Roger P. Levin addresses a topic of interest within the practice and management of dentistry. In this month's column, he discusses the new dental economy, how to thrive in it, and how it impacts the length of your career.
Buyer-driven transaction costs with no broker fees to sellers
September 17, 2014 -- In his latest column, consultant Thomas Climo, PhD, discusses the idea recently presented to him of a 2% success fee for the sale of a dental practice, resulting in no broker fees for the seller. He writes that this 2% finder's fee is substantially below the commission rates being charged by brokers at present.
Infection-control expert details practical steps to help your practice
September 15, 2014 -- In an exclusive video interview with, infection-control expert Eve Cuny spoke of the current and long-term issues facing dental practices when it comes to infection control. She notes that many dental offices want to make infection control more of a priority, but they struggle to find reliable information and are concerned about the time and cost involved.
Dos and don'ts for increasing production: Bring inactive patients back
September 15, 2014 -- A certain percentage of inactive patients will never return to the practice, but many others will if you approach them correctly. Rather than leaving it up to patients to reconnect, take a proactive approach, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin.