8 spaces your backstage is (probably) missing
September 28, 2016 -- When patients walk into your office, what's the first thing they notice? The reception area, the front desk, or sign-in sheet and, hopefully, a smiling face from your team member. But as Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier asks, what about the spaces they don't see?
Dos and don'ts for production growth: Help patients say 'yes' to implants
September 26, 2016 -- Most patients now know about dental implants and why they may be better than alternative treatments in most cases. Yet the cost still stands as a formidable barrier for many patients. For their sake (and yours), you should try to ease the sticker shock for patients you know are good candidates from a clinical standpoint, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.
Sheri's Solutions: Do you get a health history update?
September 23, 2016 -- When a 20-something patient walked into Dr. Sheri Doniger's office with an obvious lip augmentation but didn't mention it when asked about any health updates, she again realized that it's crucial to help patients understand that seemingly unrelated situations may impact their oral healthcare. In her latest Sheri's Solution, she offers some ideas to aid your patient communication.
Are you asking your patients this critical question?
September 21, 2016 -- Periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg was attending a continuing education conference earlier this year when he learned something that changed the way he talks with his patients. Was it an innovative product or a new technique? No, it was a simple question.
4 reasons to improve your patient communication
September 21, 2016 -- Are you able to communicate with your patients? It's a simple question, but there's rarely an easy answer. Dr. Lisa Knowles has thought about the role clear communication plays in a dental practice, and she offers four reasons why better patient communication is good for your practice.
Second Opinion: Georgia's battle for access
September 20, 2016 -- In this Second Opinion, Suzanne Newkirk, RDH, urges the Georgia Legislature and the Georgia Dental Association to consider the needs of the children of Georgia when a bill allowing dental hygienists to provide preventive services is reintroduced.
Dos and don'ts for the hygiene department: Raise patient awareness of periodontal problems
September 19, 2016 -- It's estimated that half of American adults have periodontal disease. As part of your commitment to patients' optimal oral health, your hygiene department should monitor disease symptoms, educate patients about caring for their gums, and alert you when treatment may be necessary, Dr. Roger P. Levin notes in his latest Practice Success tip.
Key-person insurance can be a small business' lifeline
September 15, 2016 -- Have you insured what could be your most valuable asset -- your partner or associate? If not, you should consider "key-person" insurance. Financial planner John G. McCarthy III explains how practice owners can benefit from key-person policies.
The trouble with jumping on the online marketing train
September 14, 2016 -- You hear a lot about how your practice should be marketing itself online. And you should. But as the Scheduling Institute's Jay Geier writes, you can have the greatest website in the world and it will mean little if your practice isn't ready when the phone rings.
3 ways patient complaints benefit your practice
September 13, 2016 -- You strive to provide high-quality care to everyone, but sometimes a patient has a complaint. You can shrug off these complaints and watch patients leave your practice, or you can look at them as a way to build your practice and increase patient loyalty, writes practice management consultant Sally McKenzie.