Creating a diversified portfolio
December 1, 2016 -- You are familiar with the adage "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." As financial planner John G. McCarthy III explains, that phrase is never more true than when it comes to your investment portfolio. A diversified portfolio will help you, and your family, weather varying economic cycles as your practice grows.
Why I take x-rays
November 30, 2016 -- Over the past several weeks, two potential patients have called the office of periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg with basically the same question: "If Dr. Danenberg is holistic, why does he take dental x-rays?" His receptionist had the right answer. Read on to find out what that answer was.
Second Opinion: Casting a cloud over dental coverage
November 29, 2016 -- In this Second Opinion, Colin Reusch of the Children's Dental Health Project looks at what is known about the immediate and longer-term futures of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Children's Health Insurance Program as they relate to oral healthcare under a new administration.
Dos and don'ts for practice leadership: Become a more decisive leader
November 28, 2016 -- Decisiveness is an admired leadership trait. It doesn't mean that the CEO makes better decisions. It simply means that he or she makes them more quickly -- without endless deliberation or hesitation. In his latest Practice Success tip, Dr. Roger P. Levin shares how you can become a more decisive leader.
43 Rules: Rule No. 4 -- You have to do more with what you already have
November 23, 2016 -- In his recent book, 43 Rules to Increase Practice Production, Dr. Roger P. Levin shares recommendations for achieving greater practice success in the new, more challenging dental economy. In the fourth excerpt, he focuses on making the most with what you have.
5 revenue-boosting tips for faster credentialing
November 22, 2016 -- Your practice has submitted a sizable claim, but it comes back rejected because your provider isn't credentialed. It happens more often than you think, according to Neeraj Sharma, chief operating officer of Santéch. Do you hire more staff, or go to automated communication? He offers five tips for faster credentialing to boost your revenue.
Dos and don'ts for time management: Take the guesswork out of scheduling
November 21, 2016 -- Does it take the same amount of time for you to perform a specific procedure today as it did a few years ago? The fact is, if you haven't done procedural time studies for two to three years, you should probably clock your work again, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin. Otherwise, your scheduling could be way off and adversely affecting productivity and stress levels.
Sheri's Solutions: Records check
November 18, 2016 -- Many dental practices wait until around now to send out patient reminders about taking advantage of available benefits money. But as Dr. Sheri Doniger has learned, there are benefits to starting the process sooner.
8 possible causes of your patient's jaw pain
November 16, 2016 -- A patient calls your practice and makes an appointment citing jaw pain. As periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg notes, sometimes reducing a patient's pain is a matter of using your communication skills, training, and expertise. In other instances, he advocates considering causes beyond a patient's mouth.
4 ways to create culture in your office
November 16, 2016 -- When you are marketing your practice, do you promote your services, or do you promote your practice's culture? Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier writes that culture within your office doesn't come immediately, but the long-term benefits are well worth it.