What dentists can learn from CEOs about delegation
July 24, 2014 -- In the latest excerpt from his book, Dr. Roger P. Levin looks at the importance of delegation. He writes that though the top executive of a company bears responsibility for the organization's total performance, that person cannot -- and certainly should not -- do everything.
Why your dental practice should exercise an annual internal audit
July 21, 2014 -- Does your practice complete an internal audit each year? If you are asking yourself why you should take the time, and expense, to complete one, consultant Thomas Climo, PhD, explains the reasons the process is worth the time.
Dos and don'ts for practice management: The neglected communication skill -- listening
July 21, 2014 -- Bring up the subject of communication skills and most of us naturally think about how we speak or write to our coworkers and patients. The counterpart deserves equal attention. People who really know how to listen are empowered by it, Dr. Roger P. Levin notes in his latest Practice Success tip.
The Virtual Dental Home: Complicating a good idea
July 16, 2014 -- In this Second Opinion, Dr. Jay W. Friedman describes the benefits, and the complications, of the innovative Virtual Dental Home program that uses dental hygienists and remote supervising diagnostic dentists.
Counterpoint response: The Virtual Dental Home
July 16, 2014 -- In this response to Dr. Jay W. Friedman's Second Opinion, Dr. Paul Glassman provides additional insight into the Virtual Dental Home model and the need to try different approaches to serving the large underserved population in the U.S.
Blind Spots: When a patient refuses nonelective treatment
July 15, 2014 -- In her latest Blind Spots column, practice management consultant Jan Keller asks how your practice reacts when a patient refuses treatment, particularly nonelective, mandatory treatment? Do you have a plan in place or do you let the patient walk out the door?
Sheri's Solutions: Sorry, we don't take your 'insurance'
July 14, 2014 -- In her latest Sheri's Solutions, Dr. Sheri Doniger asks how you handle the oft-asked question of "Do you take my insurance?" While seemingly a straightforward question, the answer involves preparation and important practice management decisions.
Dos and don'ts for marketing: Make better use of the internal marketing coordinator
July 14, 2014 -- Assuming your practice has an internal marketing coordinator, make the most of what this team member can accomplish for the practice. Make a strong commitment to internal marketing as a cost-effective growth strategy, and give your marketing coordinator what he or she needs to perform well, Dr. Roger P. Levin advises in his latest Practice Success tip.
The AA of stress management
July 9, 2014 -- In her debut column for DrBicuspid.com, dental stress management expert Jen Butler describes two coping strategies for when stress begins to accumulate -- avert and avoid (AA). But she reminds us that avoiding stress isn't the goal, managing and navigating it is.
Can you be a gender bender?
July 7, 2014 -- As Dr. Lisa Knowles relates in her latest column, overgeneralizations in your practice and your language can set your business back. It's not just equipment that can become outdated, she writes, but also how you relate to patients.

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