Your new year: How to make a strong start with patient reactivation
January 12, 2017 -- A full schedule is vital to the health of your practice; however, most practice owners vastly underestimate how much you have to work to keep the schedule full, writes Kevin Tighe of Cambridge Dental Consultants. He offers a comprehensive overview of how to enact a patient reactivation program.
How an incarcerated patient changed my mind on sugar
January 10, 2017 -- Dr. Lisa Knowles took a three-week vacation -- from sugar, grains, and dairy. This cleanse and a recent interaction with an incarcerated teenager with a beautiful smile has her reconsidering how she communicates with her patients and their parents about oral healthcare.
Do's and don'ts for patient communication: Highlight practice technology
January 9, 2017 -- Dental patients may quickly become bored and confused if you go on and on about your incredible new technological wonder you've invested in. But that doesn't mean the subject is forbidden. You just have to translate it into a "lite" version focused on how it benefits the patient, notes Dr. Roger P. Levin.
5 tips for dental blogging your way to new patients
January 6, 2017 -- Looking for a way to keep your patients engaged and also reach potential new patients? Bekkah Vidal of Wpromote suggests adding a blog to help add new information to your website. She offers five tips to help you get started and keep blogging.
Sheri's Solutions: 5 resolutions for 2017
January 6, 2017 -- What are you looking forward to for 2017? With the holidays past us, we're now into a new year, and we reflect on resolutions for the upcoming year. In her latest Sheri's Solutions column, Dr. Sheri Doniger shares her practice goals and resolutions for the new year.
Coding narratives: No need for frustration
January 5, 2017 -- When you or your team submits a claim, you want it to be paid the first time. But many practices stumble at creating effective narratives to accompany the claim. Practice management consultant Teresa Duncan has some tested ideas to help your team write better narratives.
Let's stop with the labels and get to the causes of dental disease
January 4, 2017 -- Dental disease is a label, writes periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg. Just as cardiovascular disease and other diseases are a label. However, the label says nothing about what really has caused this specific disease. Let's stop with the labels and get to the causes.
4 unexpected benefits of growing your practice big
January 4, 2017 -- The ball has dropped, the confetti cleared, and the fireworks are over. Now is the time to hit the ground running and begin working on the goals you set for your practice in 2017. Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier challenges you to think bigger than what you know and have experienced in 2017.
4 ways to make 2017 your best year yet
January 3, 2017 -- Another new year is upon us, and that means it's time to make changes that will improve production and grow your bottom line, writes Sally McKenzie. She offers four practical ideas you can implement to grow your practice.
Do's and don'ts for practice management: Drive growth with deadlines
January 2, 2017 -- You don't need a degree in motivational psychology to know that deadlines get results. Corporate leaders have long understood how deadlines drive the growth of their companies. Practice owners also can motivate their teams to focus on reaching goals, not just by some vague future date but by a specific deadline, notes Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip.