What no one tells you about talking to your patients
February 22, 2017 -- After describing necessary treatments, dentists often ask patients whether they have any questions. Kevin Tighe of Cambridge Dental Consultants suggests that this approach might be costing you income. His latest column offers some practical advice on helping patients understand their treatment options.
Do's and don'ts for patient marketing: Ask for patient testimonials and reviews
February 20, 2017 -- Treat patients well, in terms of both clinical care and customer service, and they'll have good things to say about you. Ask them to write a testimonial or online review, and you'll soon have excellent word-of-mouth advertising to help you achieve greater practice success, Dr. Roger P. Levin writes in his latest Practice Success tip.
4 ways to lower stress and improve practice performance
February 14, 2017 -- You have a lot to think about and get done each day at your practice. And that is even before you begin seeing your patients. While it can seem overwhelming, practice management consultant Sally McKenzie offers four practical ideas that will both lower your stress and improve the performance of your practice.
Do's and don'ts for case presentation: Get over negative feelings about 'selling' treatment
February 13, 2017 -- If you hesitate to urge patients to accept treatment that you believe is in their best interest, you may be confusing selling with service. Motivating patients to "do the right thing" for the sake of having a healthy smile is NOT selling. It's good dentistry, even though it also results in increased production, Dr. Roger P. Levin notes in his latest Practice Success tip.
Legal Cases: 24 fillings on virgin teeth
February 10, 2017 -- A 23-year-old woman presented to a general dentist for a routine exam with no radiographic evidence of decay. Yet on clinical examination, the dentist found that his explorer stuck on the occlusal surfaces of the patient's posterior teeth and recommended treatment. As William S. Spiegel and Dr. Marc R. Leffler write in their latest Legal Cases series, finding a way to document justification for clinical treatment is crucial.
7 things that require zero talent
February 8, 2017 -- It isn't just talent that makes an excellent team member. In fact, skills can be taught, while characteristics such as passion and integrity come from within a person, writes Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier. His latest column details seven key attributes that have nothing to do with talent but can add tremendous value to your practice.
Do's and don'ts for practice growth: Does a second office make sense?
February 6, 2017 -- Many dentists think about opening a satellite office at some point in their career. Before you make such a move, come up with a realistic idea of what it will take to achieve the intended results, Dr. Roger P. Levin advises in his latest Practice Success tip.
Second Opinion: Wash. lawmakers should regulate dental chains
February 2, 2017 -- In this Second Opinion, the president of the Washington State Dental Association spells out the case for new legislation in that state that would prohibit dental service organizations from interfering in a dentist's clinical judgment and provide state authority for monitoring these organizations.
Implants and inflammation
February 1, 2017 -- Recent published research has raised a question about titanium dental implants and possible inflammation. Dr. Alvin Danenberg notes that while the vast majority of procedures using these implants have been successful and free of symptoms, he'd like to see well-designed studies undertaken and published so practitioners can offer their patients more complete information.
5 ways to be SMART about your goals
February 1, 2017 -- Now that the first month of the year is past, Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier suggests it is time to take a few moments to revisit your goals for the new year. He offers five of his best strategies to set smart goals for your practice.