Practice Management

Do's and don'ts for empowering your team

By Dr. Roger P. Levin, contributing writer

November 1, 2021 -- The dental team is the best resource for reducing inefficiency and lowering stress. Encourage your team members to be proactive in examining practice systems. Everyone on the team will have valuable insights to contribute. Hold special staff meetings to review major systems such as scheduling, case presentation, practice financial management, and customer service.


Make meetings more productive. Open debate and honesty are critical in office meetings. The practice should be a receptive environment where everyone is encouraged to speak up and voice honest opinions. No one should dominate meetings. Everyone needs a chance to contribute opinions and/or feedback. When all team members know they have a say, a more balanced and cohesive team is the result.


Don't forget to keep the lines of communication open. Every six months, have an informal conversation with each team member about where she or he is in terms of career path. Where does the dental assistant or front desk coordinator stand regarding skills, experience, attitude, and motivation? What would they like to accomplish in the next six months? This discussion helps all staff members understand their progress as part of a high-performance team.

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