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Align launches latest software for dental restoration
October 6, 2022 -- Align Technology launched the latest release of its iTero exocad Connector software, which integrates its iTero intraoral camera and near-infrared images within exocad DentalCAD 3.1 Rijeka software. Read More
3Shape releases updated CAD software
October 6, 2022 -- 3Shape has launched Dental System 2022, the latest version of its CAD software for dental laboratories. Read More
Bone defects found in adults after clear aligner therapy
October 3, 2022 -- Imaging revealed an increase in alveolar bone defects in adults with mild to moderate crowding who underwent clear aligner therapy without tooth extractions, according to a study published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. Read More
Occlusion linked to brain activity in new study
September 28, 2022 -- Researchers have identified the relationship between occlusion and brain activity in a study published recently in the Saudi Dental Journal. Their review of 12 studies indicates that changes in occlusion can affect a part of the brain that controls movements. Read More
Midmark launches new extraoral imaging line
September 14, 2022 -- Midmark has released an extraoral imaging system product line that consists of 2D panoramic and 3D cone-beam computed tomography imaging x-ray devices with cephalometric add-on options. Read More
Something to gnaw on: Bruxism causes and solutions
September 8, 2022 -- We all clench or grind our teeth at times. We may do it when we're sleeping, or we may do it when we are awake. However, continuous bruxism should not go unchecked. Dr. Alvin Danenberg explores the causes and solutions for bruxism. Read More
Keating Dental celebrates 20th anniversary
September 8, 2022 -- Keating Dental Lab celebrated its 20th anniversary on September 3, a milestone that was noted by the company's founder and CEO Shaun Keating. Read More
Formlabs appoints new healthcare president
September 8, 2022 -- 3D printing company Formlabs has appointed Guillaume Bailliard as the president of its newly formed healthcare division. Read More
Study showcases promise of computer-assisted implant surgery
September 6, 2022 -- The use of a dynamic computer navigation system to assist in single dental implant placement provided "satisfactory results" in a preclinical trial published on August 20 in the Journal of Dentistry. All 20 implants placed in artificial jaws were within the range of clinical acceptance. Read More
What's the best implant-retained prosthesis for HNC?
September 2, 2022 -- Implant-retained prostheses are used increasingly in the oral rehabilitation of patients with head and neck cancer (HNC). But when comparing fixed or removable prostheses, only one had better survival and complication-free survival rates in a recent study of patients with HNC. Read More
Special Feature
The new decade's dental practice could look like this

Dentists one day may become vertically integrated to service the mouth and also design and manufacture the hardware needed in their own dental practices, writes information systems consultant Alon Ganon. He shares a vision of how dental practices could operate with advanced technology in this new decade. Read more.