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Swallowed dental crown caused man to develop appendicitis
April 15, 2022 -- A 51-year-old man unintentionally swallowed a dental crown, resulting in an unusual case of appendicitis caused by ingestion of a foreign body, according to a case report published April 12 in the Cureus Journal of Medical Science. Read More
Dentist accused of breaking teeth in $4M fraud scheme
March 15, 2022 -- A Wisconsin dentist was convicted on March 10 of multiple counts of fraud and making false statements, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Wisconsin. The dentist reportedly used his drill to purposely damage teeth so he could bill insurance for crowns instead of fillings. Read More
My jaw pain is killing me: 10 causes and treatments
February 23, 2022 -- Jonathan showed up in Dr. Alvin Danenberg's office complaining of severe pain in his tooth, jaw muscles, and jaw joint. At first Danenberg suspected a failing root canal, but further investigation revealed something more. He explains common causes of jaw pain and how he cured Jonathan's. Read More
Veneers may trump crowns for restoring teeth with fluorosis
February 18, 2022 -- Ceramic veneers are minimally invasive, preserve tooth structure, and provide long-term aesthetic rehabilitation and, therefore, may be a better option than crowns for patients with fluorosis, according to a study published on February 17 in BMC Oral Health. Read More
Patients satisfied with digital implant workflow
November 16, 2021 -- Patients reported higher satisfaction with a digital workflow for creating a single implant-supported posterior crown than a conventional workflow in a randomized clinical trial published in the Journal of Dentistry. Read More
Will automation, rising costs make dental labs obsolete?
November 11, 2021 -- A labor shortage, rising costs, and increasing automation are leading to big changes in the dental lab industry. Dr. Teresa Yang summarized how these trends are affecting dental labs and what smaller labs can do to compete in the modern era. Read More
OrVance launches temporary tooth repair product
November 4, 2021 -- OrVance has launched its OrVance Temporary Tooth Repair (TTR) kit for temporary relief from broken teeth and lost fillings and crowns. Read More
Ackuretta, Bego team up on 3D printing
September 16, 2021 -- Bego's 3D printing materials will be integrated into Ackuretta's 3D printing systems, the companies announced. Read More
Technology Focus: Crown.AI software for
August 31, 2021 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) technology for dentistry has come a long way, and two new features from Glidewell's software show how smart technologies can save time in the clinic. The Glidewell team showcases Crown.AI and Margin.AI in this Technology Focus interview. Read More
Zirconia shines in review of systematic reviews
June 29, 2021 -- Zirconia received satisfactory marks in a new review of systematic reviews of the restorative material. While zirconia-ceramic restorations came with technical, biological, and aesthetic complications, many of these complications did not affect restoration functionality and could be fixed during routine care. Read More
Special Feature
The new decade's dental practice could look like this

Dentists one day may become vertically integrated to service the mouth and also design and manufacture the hardware needed in their own dental practices, writes information systems consultant Alon Ganon. He shares a vision of how dental practices could operate with advanced technology in this new decade. Read more.