1st known case of IJV thrombosis linked to oral germ G. adiacens
January 28, 2021 -- The oral bacterium Granulicatella adiacens led to internal jugular vein (IJV) thrombosis in a man with poor oral hygiene and periodontitis, in a case published on January 20 in BMJ Case Reports.  Discuss
Diagnostic imaging propels Philips growth in Q4
January 25, 2021 -- Strong growth in the high single digits for its diagnostic imaging equipment helped propel fourth-quarter financial results in the healthcare business at Philips. Meanwhile, the company's Personal Health segment slipped on lower sales of oral healthcare products.
A hygienist shares her thoughts on lasers, best practices during a pandemic
January 22, 2021 -- Lynn Atkinson, RDH, spoke with us about her experience as a dental hygienist and where she thinks the future of dental hygiene is heading, especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Atkinson also shared her thoughts on dental patients returning to the practice and how she believes dental lasers can be a big plus.  Discuss
Can PDT treat oral lesions in COVID-19 patients?
January 20, 2021 -- Photodynamic therapy (PDT) may be an effective option for treating oral lesions in patients diagnosed with COVID-19, according to a letter to the editor published on January 8 in Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy.  Discuss
Did a dentist diagnose SARS-CoV-2 from a dental exam?
January 19, 2021 -- Sores and bleeding gums in the healthy mouths of two teenage siblings may have led to a longtime Maryland dentist diagnosing the first asymptomatic cases of SARS-CoV-2 from oral lesions during a routine dental visit.  Discuss
Bola Technologies, Henry Schein One announce partnership
January 19, 2021 -- Bola Technologies has inked a partnership with Henry Schein One for distribution of its Voice Perio artificial intelligence-based speech recognition technology for hygienists and periodontists.
What is the real cost of your patients smoking?
January 15, 2021 -- Cigarette smoking-related illnesses have led to more than 20 million deaths in the U.S. over the past 50 or so years. The societal and economic hits are just as costly, according to a report released on January 13 by the personal finance website WalletHub.  Discuss
DenMat launches new desensitizing gel
January 15, 2021 -- DenMat has debuted Zen CP+, a desensitizing gel that alleviates tooth sensitivity and discomfort via nanosized calcium phosphate minerals delivered to the tooth surface.
Do your patients know the risk of hookah smoking?
January 14, 2021 -- Chronic smoking of shisha or tobacco extracts from a water pipe or hookah increases cell proliferation, invasion, and migration, all of which are traits of cancer cells, according to a study published on December 28 in the Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine.  Discuss
The importance of knowing what you really want as a new year begins
January 14, 2021 -- Amanda Hill, RDH, BSDH, says it's easy to get caught up in the great goal race or feel inadequate if your vision for 2021 doesn't sound as glamorous as someone else's. Why lose 10 pounds when you could lose 20? Why increase your revenue by 10% when you could double it? More is better, right? Well, not exactly. Before you hop on the bandwagon, she believes a little reflection and introspection are necessary.  Discuss
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Study focuses on dental therapists' impact in Native Alaskan communities

In the first study to look at the long-term outcomes of communities served by dental therapists, researchers from the University of Washington have found that children in Alaska Native communities had lower rates of tooth extractions and more preventive care than those in communities not receiving services from these practitioners. Read more.

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