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Sugar substitutes lead to long-term changes in rats
February 7, 2020 -- Sugar substitutes, such as aspartame and stevia, may have long-lasting effects on the brain and gut. New research published in BMJ found that rats with in-utero exposure to low-calorie sweeteners had altered insulin sensitivity, gut bacteria, body weight, and even dopamine pathways.  Discuss
How does your practice score on this hygiene challenge?
February 5, 2020 -- By now, you have determined your practice growth goals for 2020. Hopefully, you're focusing on the untapped potential in specific areas of your dental practice. Practice consultant Kathy Edwards, RDH, of Burkhart Dental Supply serves up a challenge to see if your hygiene department is healthy.  Discuss
Eat to improve overall heath, including mouth health
February 3, 2020 -- A breakfast sandwich with egg and processed cheese, a glass of juice, and a donut may sound delicious, but it's far from healthy, according to Dr. Alvin Danenberg. Eating this way will damage your gut bacteria and change the bacteria and acid levels in your mouth, putting you on the road to gum disease and tooth decay. He shares better options for both your overall and mouth health.  Discuss
Examining the 3-step process for dental implant maintenance
January 31, 2020 -- Dental implants are a highly successful therapy and a must for treatment options in today's practice. Protocol for maintaining dental implants is now supported by a plethora of research, but you must stay up to date as changes happen frequently, advises Lisa Wadsworth, RDH. She examines the three-step process for proper dental implant maintenance.  Discuss
Seeking dentist, hygienist thought leaders at Chicago Midwinter
January 30, 2020 -- Are you heading to the 2020 Chicago Midwinter Meeting? If so, are you interested in earning some money while sharing your opinions on oral health? Dr. Sheri Doniger is seeking dentists and dental hygienists for a focus group about oral health during the upcoming meeting.
PhotoDynamic gets multimillion-dollar investment
January 30, 2020 -- Orthodontic oral hygiene company PhotoDynamic has announced a multimillion-dollar investment round, including funding from the American Association of Orthodontists.
Man calls cops when unable to buy toothbrush for a penny
January 29, 2020 -- How far would you go to get an Oral-B electric toothbrush for almost nothing? A multimedia journalist took it to the limit when a Target manager in Massachusetts refused to sell him a display brush that was priced at 1¢.  Discuss
Oral-B investigating claim of glass in its toothpaste
January 28, 2020 -- Procter & Gamble's Oral-B is investigating claims made by a New Zealand woman that she found shards of glass in a tube of its toothpaste, according to a statement released January 24 by the oral care company.  Discuss
NC ends prior dental exam rule
January 27, 2020 -- North Carolina has amended its prior-exam rule, allowing public health dental hygienists to perform preventive dental procedures on patients who have not been previously evaluated by a dentist and without a dentist present. The rule change takes effect on February 1.  Discuss
Nick Jonas performs at Grammys with food stuck in teeth
January 27, 2020 -- Nick Jonas appears to be a "Sucker" for greens, too. Fans of the youngest sibling of the Jonas Brothers lost it on social media January 26 when they noticed he performed at the 2020 Grammy Awards with food stuck in his teeth.
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Study focuses on dental therapists' impact in Native Alaskan communities

In the first study to look at the long-term outcomes of communities served by dental therapists, researchers from the University of Washington have found that children in Alaska Native communities had lower rates of tooth extractions and more preventive care than those in communities not receiving services from these practitioners. Read more.

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