DenMat expands periodontal line
October 3, 2019 -- DenMat has added to its line of soft-tissue management products with its new Perio Restore noninvasive home system to treat and prevent periodontal disease. Read More
Hu-Friedy launches new line of mirrors
October 3, 2019 -- Hu-Friedy has introduced its new line of HD Black Line mirrors, which feature a frame that reduces glare and carbon coating on the handle that provides enhanced contrast and visual acuity in a patient's mouth. Read More
Interdental brushes top flossing for plaque removal
October 1, 2019 -- How effective are interdental cleaning devices at preventing caries and periodontal disease? Researchers conducted a literature review and found that interdental brushes were more effective than flossing or wood sticks in removing interdental plaque. Read More
GSK launches new Sensodyne whitening toothpaste
October 1, 2019 -- GSK Consumer Healthcare has launched a new Sensodyne toothpaste that whitens teeth while limiting sensitivity. Read More
Review shows link between gum disease and hypertension
September 26, 2019 -- Having gum disease puts people at greater risk of developing high blood pressure, according to a review published on September 24 in the European Society of Cardiology's journal, Cardiovascular Research. Read More
Readiness to serve includes dental fitness, good oral health
September 26, 2019 -- Since 2000, nearly 11% of all medical evacuations from combat environments were because of dental emergencies, so the U.S. military now encourages all personnel to practice good oral health and hygiene. A new profile of dental services available at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center shows how military practitioners work to keep service members ready for deployment. Read More
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Study focuses on dental therapists' impact in Native Alaskan communities

In the first study to look at the long-term outcomes of communities served by dental therapists, researchers from the University of Washington have found that children in Alaska Native communities had lower rates of tooth extractions and more preventive care than those in communities not receiving services from these practitioners. Read more.

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