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Let's talk mouthguards for National Facial Protection Month
April 1, 2021 -- April 1 marks the start of National Facial Protection Month, which can be the perfect time to talk with patients and families about mouthguards and other tools to protect against sports injuries. Oral surgeon Dr. Louis Rafetto spoke with about the occasion. Read More
Air Techniques partners with SICAT for implant therapy
March 31, 2021 -- Dental equipment manufacturer Air Techniques has announced a software partnership with SICAT for implant planning and treatment. Read More
Can MRI help detect early periodontitis?
March 30, 2021 -- Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may aid in the early detection of gum disease by showing periodontitis-linked changes in the jawbones of patients prior to bone defects occurring, according to a study published on March 21 in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology. Read More
Light-up material may be game changer for tooth repairs
March 29, 2021 -- Incorporating the fluorescent molecule pyromellitic acid into the substitute bone material octacalcium phosphate may lead to improved bone and teeth repairs, according to a recently published study in Communications Chemistry. Read More
Physicians issue consensus on odontogenic sinusitis
March 24, 2021 -- An international research team has issued a consensus statement on diagnosing the underrecognized infection of odontogenic sinusitis. The review was published online February 17 in the International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology. Read More
9 out of 10 dental injuries not reported on full-body trauma CTs
March 23, 2021 -- Approximately 90% of dental injuries in trauma patients who undergo whole-body computed tomography (CT) scans are not described on initial radiology reports, according to a study published on March 15 in the European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery. Read More
Imaging helps woman with facial filler-induced mass over jaw
March 19, 2021 -- Imaging recently proved helpful in treating a woman with infections and a 15-mm lesion resulting from injection with a facial dermal filler. The case was described in the April-June issue of Advances in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Read More
Tongue swelling may be associated with COVID-19
March 17, 2021 -- Patients who experience swelling of the tongue and mouth may be infected with the novel coronavirus, according to a letter to the editor published on March 9 in the British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Read More
World Dental Congress goes virtual
March 15, 2021 -- The FDI World Dental Federation and the Australian Dental Association announced that the World Dental Congress will take place virtually September 26-29 due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Read More
Imaging leads to removal of rare intranasal tooth
March 9, 2021 -- Imaging aided in the treatment of a woman who experienced months of nasal congestion and blood-tinged secretions due to a rare intranasal tooth thought initially to be a rhinolith. The case report was published on February 28 in the Cureus Journal of Medical Science. Read More
Special Feature
Data trends: Are U.S. practices taking more images?

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when taking radiographs as part of a dental examination was commonplace. However, with fears about radiation and changing insurance policies, U.S. practices took fewer images in 2016 than in any recent year. Why? Alitta Boechler of Sikka Software looks at the data. Read more.

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