Congratulations to's 2018 Dental Excellence Award winners
December 19, 2018 -- is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Dental Excellence Awards. Please join us in honoring the best new products in dentistry. Awards will be presented at the Chicago Dental Society's Midwinter Meeting in February.  Discuss
Is there a link between periodontitis and metabolic syndrome?
October 31, 2018 -- Periodontitis and metabolic syndrome are manifestations of chronic inflammation. Could there be a causal relationship between the chronic inflammation of gum disease and the chronic inflammation of metabolic syndrome? In his latest column, periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg investigates.  Discuss
Kids' oral microbiota composition may predict obesity
October 4, 2018 -- Obese adults and adolescents are thought to have certain gut and oral microbiota variations, but less is known about the corresponding relationships in young children. As part of a larger study on obesity prevention, researchers examined the relationship between these bacteria in toddlers and childhood weight gain.  Discuss
Is there an autoimmune component to periodontal disease?
October 3, 2018 -- Periodontal disease can be looked at as both an acute and a chronic infection, notes periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg in his latest column. He wonders if the chronic phase is related to an autoimmune reaction in patients. Dr. Danenberg examines the research and suggests some new areas of treatment that might help your patients.  Discuss
A historical perspective on handpiece sterilization
October 2, 2018 -- Handpiece sterilization may be considered a routine practice in today's dental office, but it wasn't always so. In fact, the practice of sterilization evolved rapidly in response to infectious diseases and best practices. Dr. Louis DePaola examines how handpiece sterilization recommendations have changed and the events that contributed to these developments.  Discuss
Study seeks perio, RA link to oral microbiome health
September 25, 2018 -- Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and periodontitis are chronic inflammatory diseases that share common risk factors. Researchers conducted periodontal exams on patients with rheumatoid arthritis to determine what bacteria were present and how these patients might benefit from periodontal treatment.  Discuss
Getting to the bottom of periodontal-systemic links
September 21, 2018 -- Interest in the link between periodontal health and systemic disease has been growing, with researchers investigating possible connections between oral health and diseases including artherosclerosis, diabetes, pregnancy outcomes, and respiratory conditions. But what has recent research found?  Discuss
2018 Dental Excellence Awards nominating period ends soon
September 20, 2018 -- Join hundreds of your peers and colleagues in participating in the nominations process for the 2018 DrBicuspid Dental Excellence Awards. You only have until midnight on September 28 to make your voice heard and help honor the best new products in dentistry.  Discuss
5 tips to prevent a water-line outbreak at your practice
September 17, 2018 -- When was the last time you tested your water lines? Infection-control expert Jessica Wilson shared her tips for how to maintain your water lines and keep your patients healthy at the recent California Dental Association's CDA Presents 2018 meeting.  Discuss
Hu-Friedy launches online infection-control resource
September 14, 2018 -- Hu-Friedy has released an online infection-control compliance resource.  Discuss