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Smokers given free cessation kits made more attempts to quit
February 18, 2020 -- What would it take for you to try to kick the habit? Free two-week nicotine replacement therapy starter kits given by primary care doctors to smokers increased their attempts to quit, according to a recently published study in Addiction.  Discuss
FDA seeks help to prevent vaping-related lung injuries
February 14, 2020 -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a public call for more information to help prevent future vaping-related injuries. The agency is asking for information on substances used by vapers and ways to make vaping products tamper-proof.
No butts about it: Used cigarettes emit toxins, study finds
February 10, 2020 -- Used cigarette butts, even those that are cold to the touch, may emit the equivalent of 14% of the nicotine that actively burning cigarettes give off, according to a recent study published in Indoor Air.  Discuss
Most lung vaping cases linked to informal sources of THC
January 21, 2020 -- The recent outbreak of lung disease linked to vaping appears to be most prevalent in people who vaped THC-containing products obtained from informal sources, such as family, dealers, and online, according to a new report released on January 14 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Discuss
Report: Smoking costs add up in healthcare tally
January 16, 2020 -- Smoking costs more than $300 billion each year in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But which U.S. states bear the brunt of these costs? Personal finance website WalletHub ran the data and found that Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York had the highest total annual costs per adult smoker.  Discuss
JADA: Fla. lags in oral cancer prevention, HPV vaccinations
January 9, 2020 -- Florida is lagging behind the U.S. as a whole for oral cancer prevention, according to the findings of a new Journal of the American Dental Association study. Floridians have a higher incidence of oropharyngeal cancer, and they're less likely to get vaccinated against HPV.  Discuss
Returning to work may offer benefit for oral cancer patients
January 7, 2020 -- Returning to work may have a positive effect on the survival rates of patients diagnosed with oral cancer, according to a new study. The benefit may be due to higher income, increased physical activity, and better emotional status, the authors noted.  Discuss
One dose of HPV vaccine may be enough to fend off cancer
January 6, 2020 -- A single dose of the HPV vaccine may be as effective at protecting against cervical cancer as the recommended two or three doses, according to a new study published online on December 27 in JAMA Network Open.  Discuss
Podcast: What to know about vaping in 2020
January 2, 2020 -- As we enter into a new decade, one recent trend continues to make its mark: vaping. But what does this mean for dental practices? How should they talk to their patients about the effects of vaping? In this podcast, dental pharmacology expert Tom Viola, RPh, discusses some simple ways that dental professionals can address the issue of vaping with their patients.  Discuss
New HPV saliva test may speed detection of mouth, throat cancers
December 23, 2019 -- Scientists have fused acoustics and microfluidics in a novel saliva test designed to show within minutes whether a person has a high-risk strain of HPV associated with mouth and throat cancers. Results were published online December 13 in the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics.  Discuss
Special Feature
5 misconceptions about oral and oropharyngeal cancer
Screening of every dental patient older than 18 for oral and oropharyngeal cancer is a must, writes Jo-Anne Jones, RDH. Taking the time to screen each patient can make an impact on oral cancer survival rates. However, dentists and oral healthcare professionals have a few common misconceptions about these cancers. Read more.
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