Practice Management
The biggest challenges DSOs are facing
December 13, 2019 -- Anthony Stefanou and Connect the Dents spoke with top executives and business development directors from emerging and midmarket dental service organizations (DSOs) to determine the biggest challenges DSOs are facing.  Discuss
How to turn a retirement plan into a transition vehicle
December 13, 2019 -- When a dental practice consistently reports high earnings, it is the most opportune time to adopt an employer-sponsored, qualified retirement plan. And the end of the fiscal year for a dental practice is the perfect time to make this transition, according to certified public accountant Bruce Bryen. He explains how to determine if this type of benefit plan is right for your practice.  Discuss
Taking the pain out of switching hats between clinician, CEO
December 12, 2019 -- If you struggle between switching from clinician to business owner throughout the day, dental consultant Lynne Leggett of Victory Dental Management shares some tips to help you painlessly "switch hats."  Discuss
U.S. troops could seek money for medical errors if law passes
December 12, 2019 -- Service members in the U.S. will have the opportunity to seek compensation when they are injured due to military doctors' medical blunders, such as undetected dental problems or inaccurate diagnoses, if a new defense act is signed into law.  Discuss
Mich. raises bonuses to lure dentists to state facilities
December 12, 2019 -- The Michigan Civil Service Commission has doubled hiring bonuses to $10,000 to attract dentists to positions at state facilities, including prisons.
Ransomware attack leaves 100 dental practices struggling
December 11, 2019 -- A company in Colorado that specializes in providing IT services to dental practices experienced a ransomware attack that has been plaguing operations at about 100 dental offices since November, according to news reports.  Discuss
Bento adds HubSpot to customer list
December 11, 2019 -- Technology company Bento announced that marketing and sales technology firm HubSpot will be using its app-based platform to provide the firm's U.S. employees with dental benefits.
Do's and don'ts for organization: Use checklists for better organization
December 9, 2019 -- A checklist can be a game changer when it comes to healthcare, helping to create incredible efficiency and stability in busy dental practices. Dr. Roger P. Levin offers some simple tips on using checklists for better practice organization.  Discuss
Weave offers all-inclusive payment processing platform
December 9, 2019 -- Communication tools company Weave is now offering a full-scale payment processing platform as part of its communication software for dental practices.
Woman gets prison for stealing $625K from dental office
December 6, 2019 -- A woman who was the bookkeeper and receptionist at a dental office in Virginia was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to stealing approximately $625,000 from the practice. Her husband also was involved in the theft and received probation, according to news reports.
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