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Clearing up the WHO chaos with clear patient communication
September 8, 2020 -- In the wake of the recent statement from the World Health Organization (WHO), there are three critical messages dental practices need to convey to their patients, writes Dr. Margaret Scarlett. She discusses those messages, as well as why it's so important to alleviate fears while practicing safe dentistry in the time of COVID-19.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for managing change
September 7, 2020 -- A new style of practice performance will be necessary in the recovery phase from COVID-19. The key word is resiliency: People and practices that are resilient and flexible will bounce back much faster than others, writes Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss
Showing kindness in your practice has another big bonus
September 4, 2020 -- Performing good deeds, like driving a colleague to work in the morning or walking a dental assistant's dog while she's on vacation, helps the recipients and may improve the givers' well-being, according to a study published on September 3 in the Psychological Bulletin.  Discuss
How rent can affect your dental practice valuation
September 3, 2020 -- Do you know how much your dental practice is worth? That's a more complicated question than the market price of your home, writes Kyle Francis. Knowing exactly how rent factors into your dental practice's value is an often overlooked and misunderstood part of the equation.  Discuss
Preparing for flu season (and a potential 2nd wave) in your practice
September 2, 2020 -- With flu season on the horizon and the threat of COVID-19 still looming large, Laurie Owens offers advice on how dental practices can prepare for all scenarios. She also includes advice on medical reimbursement that can help dental practices provide assistance in a more cost-effective way.  Discuss
OnDiem, HLT to offer dental career development tools
September 2, 2020 -- OnDiem is teaming up with mobile dental study app developer Higher Learning Technologies (HLT) to provide career development resources to dentists and hygienists.
Tips for wading through the chaos about the safety of dental care
September 1, 2020 -- Dr. Margaret Scarlett writes that patients were confused by the limitation of dental care to emergencies in March and April and the reopening in May and June. Then, in mid-August, a statement from the World Health Organization again urged deferral of routine dental care. How do we allay the fears of nervous dental team members and patients? She offers some advice and ideas.  Discuss
Dr. Sheri Doniger on the good changes in her practice since COVID-19
September 1, 2020 -- Much has changed for the dental industry in the first eight months of the year. Dr. Sheri Doniger is quick to point out, however, that change can be good. She lists some of the ways her practice has become better in the days since COVID-19 first burst onto the scene.  Discuss
The top 6 reasons dentists have cash flow problems
August 31, 2020 -- Cash flow issues, unfortunately, are common in dental practices, especially these days. Dental consultant Sally McKenzie has put together a list of the six most common reasons dentists struggle with cash flow, along with tips to help readers bring more money into their practices.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for business operations
August 31, 2020 -- Your entire team should understand that we have entered a new or next normal. Teamwork, cross-training, and focusing on the most important recovery factors will help the practice rebound faster and be well-positioned to remain stable in the future, explains Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss
What's your practice worth?
The average current value of a practice is . How much is your practice worth? Find out now!