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Billing practices at UNLV dental school under scrutiny
January 30, 2020 -- Billing irregularities may have led to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) School of Dental Medicine overbilling patients and insurance companies by thousands of dollars, according to a January 23 article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Read More
How to increase the number of phone calls to your practice
January 30, 2020 -- What is the best, most affordable way to get more phone calls to your dental practice? Practice marketing consultant Mike Pedersen explains what you should focus on to increase your calls and, ultimately, your revenues. Read More
One dentist's perspective of working for a DSO
January 29, 2020 -- Dr. Ryan Evans shares his experiences of working for a dental service organization (DSO) and the benefits that come with it in the second installment of our series featuring various team members from group practices. Read More
Know your purpose, know your numbers
January 29, 2020 -- In any successful practice, knowing your purpose and your numbers is essential. And when it comes to achieving your purpose, profitability is the key to growing your practice and achieving your financial goals, as well as securing your future and your retirement, write Kim McGuire and Fred Joyal in the first of a yearlong series by Fortune Management. Read More
Non-U.S. dental care chosen for lower costs
January 29, 2020 -- One-fifth of people enrolled in a health insurance plan are willing to travel outside of the U.S. for care, with 60% of them already having done so for dental treatment, according to a survey by eHealth. Read More
DentaQuest renews contract for dental services in Texas
January 28, 2020 -- Texas Health and Human Services has awarded DentaQuest a contract to continue providing dental care services to enrollees of Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program in the state. Read More
Dental office settles to resolve claims of patient overbilling
January 27, 2020 -- A dental practice in Maryland has agreed to waive outstanding charges for services it provided during a two-year period and to pay $48,000 to resolve allegations that the office overbilled patients, according to the Maryland Office of the Attorney General. Read More
NC ends prior dental exam rule
January 27, 2020 -- North Carolina has amended its prior-exam rule, allowing public health dental hygienists to perform preventive dental procedures on patients who have not been previously evaluated by a dentist and without a dentist present. The rule change takes effect on February 1. Read More
Do's and don'ts for feedback: Create an environment where feedback is welcome
January 27, 2020 -- Whether from patients or team members, constructive feedback can help you increase efficiency, profitability, and career satisfaction. You should always make sure that both your patients and staff know that you value their opinions, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip. Read More
Woman sues, claiming dental office sent unsolicited texts
January 24, 2020 -- A woman in Florida is suing a dental practice, claiming it used an automatic telephone dialing system to send her and other patients thousands of unsolicited texts, like "We are open today!" She says the barrage of messages was a nuisance, invaded her privacy, and violated U.S. robocall laws. Read More
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