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Do's and don'ts for dental insurance: Make dental insurance work for you
January 6, 2020 -- Many of the larger dental insurance plans have so many customers that they can dictate reimbursements to dental practices with little to no pushback. This can be frustrating, but dental insurance is an integral part of how your practice delivers care, and practices must adopt new strategies and techniques to remain successful, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss
3 U.S. health-related taxes repealed
December 23, 2019 -- The U.S. Congress passed a $1.4 trillion spending package on December 17 that repealed three taxes, including one on medical devices imposed under the Affordable Care Act. President Donald Trump signed the measure into law on December 20.
VA asks Congress for better veterans' dental care
December 18, 2019 -- The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has campaigned Congress to improve access to dental care for veterans.
Dentist ordered to pay $1.7M for Medicaid fraud
December 17, 2019 -- A dentist in Connecticut was ordered to pay $1.7 million for engaging in a long-term, extensive scheme of creating fake patient records for dental work he never completed to defraud the state's Medicaid program.  Discuss
Another dentist sues Delta Dental, following ADA's lead
December 17, 2019 -- A dentist in Mississippi has filed a class-action suit against Delta Dental plans and the Delta Dental Plans Association, accusing the largest dental insurer in the U.S. of fixing prices and conspiring to reduce the amounts paid to clinicians.  Discuss
Bento adds HubSpot to customer list
December 11, 2019 -- Technology company Bento announced that marketing and sales technology firm HubSpot will be using its app-based platform to provide the firm's U.S. employees with dental benefits.
ADA files class-action lawsuit against Delta Dental
November 27, 2019 -- The American Dental Association (ADA) has announced that it has filed a class-action lawsuit against Delta Dental plans and the Delta Dental Plans Association.  Discuss
Could this app shake up the dental industry?
November 27, 2019 -- Technology company Bento has launched an app designed to bring accessible, affordable, and transparent oral care to every American. Could it be an app that impacts the dental industry?  Discuss
Podcast: Breaking down the antitrust lawsuits against Delta Dental
November 21, 2019 -- Plenty is happening in the legal world right now involving Delta Dental, and the results could have a big impact on your practice and our industry. Dental insurance expert Teresa Duncan helps break down what is currently going on and what it could mean for you in this podcast.  Discuss
DentaQuest named top dental insurer in J.D. Power survey
November 18, 2019 -- For the fourth year in a row, DentaQuest has come out on top of J.D. Power's annual consumer survey of dental insurers.
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