Dentist imposter wanted for 'permanently disfiguring' man

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Police in Texas are looking for a man who allegedly did not have a dental license and left an individual's teeth permanently disfigured following a botched veneers procedure, according to a story published on July 1 on KPRC 2.

Jadan Miorke, 34, of Houston, is wanted on a felony charge for reportedly giving Sheron Robinson, of Rhode Island, veneers that left him with gaps, difficulties eating, and malocclusion. Also, one of the veneers already has fallen off, according to the story.

Robinson did not learn that Miorke, of Forever Veneers, had no dental license until he contacted the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners about his dental work.

In February 2024, Robinson traveled from Rhode Island to Texas for his first visit after seeing Forever Veneers' advertisement on Instagram with a promotion of 20 veneers for $8,700. The Instagram account, which reportedly boasted more than 54,000 followers and images of happy clients, is no longer public.

When Robinson arrived at Forever Veneers, he said the office was nice and clean and those working there were wearing scrubs. On the first visit, Robinson claimed that Miorke took a 3D scan of his teeth. When he returned to Forever Veneers in March, Miorke allegedly used dental equipment to grind down his teeth so the veneers could adhere to his natural teeth. This appointment occurred at 9 p.m.

Immediately after the veneers were placed, Robinson said his mouth "felt funny." He was reportedly left with his back molar not touching, which caused a noticeable gap that prevented him from chewing. Also, Robinson purportedly told police the gap prevented his teeth from aligning properly. Eventually, one of Robinson's veneers popped off, according to the story.

When Robinson informed Miorke about the problems, he reportedly denied him a refund and told him to return to Houston for additional work. Since Miorke allegedly wouldn't compromise, Robinson reached out to the state dental board and authorities, according to the story.

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