Zirconia-based restorations a reliable treatment option

Zirconia substructures veneered with fluorapatite veneering porcelain show promise as a reliable restorative option, according to researchers from Ludwig Maximillian University who conducted a three-year clinical trial (Quintessence International, September 2010, Vol. 41:8, pp. 631-637).

For the study, 38 patients received 18 fixed dental prostheses and single crowns. The zirconia substructures were fabricated using a CAD/CAM system, veneered using the powder buildup technique, and cemented with a glass ionomer.

Baseline evaluation was performed two weeks after cementation, with recall exams at 12, 24, and 36 months. At the end of the three years, three biologic and five technical failures were reported, all in the fixed dental prostheses group. The type of restoration showed significant influence on the survival probability (p < 0.001).

While these results are promising, more research needs to be conducted to investigate differences between single crowns and fixed dental prostheses, the researchers concluded.

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