3Shape launches new 3D scanner

3Shape has released its new D710 Multi Die 3D scanner, designed to bring "remarkable scan, design, and production speeds to the digital dentistry market," according to the company. The system is designed for medium-to-large dental labs.

The D710 Multi Die is based on 3Shape's D700 3D scanner platform, with the added ability to scan up to six dies in one batch, the company noted. The scanner automatically moves each die in turn into the center of the scanner for an obstacle-free camera angle. 3Shape supplies two die plates with the scanner for optimal efficiency. The scanner incorporates 3Shape's two-camera and three-axis motion system, which can detect incomplete areas and automatically rescans those areas to obtain full coverage.

The scanner also features a number of advanced scan indications, covering impression scanning, post and core, 14 unit bridges, articulated antagonist model, deep inlays, prepreparation model aligned to preparation, model implant position and orientation detection, wax-up customized abutment, and wax-up implant bridges for copy milling.

The D710 Multi Die 3D scanner integrates with 3Shape's Dental System, which also includes the DentalDesigner CAD modeling software and the DentalManager application for managing and exchanging production files. The first customer shipments are scheduled to begin April 1, 2010.

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