Carestream rebrands, launches ad campaign

Carestream Dental has launched a major ad campaign to coincide with a strategic rebranding initiative.

Under the new initiative, the company will begin renaming several products under the Carestream Dental (CS) brand.

Carestream Dental's existing products have been sold under multiple brand names, including SoftDent, PracticeWorks, Kodak, OrthoTrac, RVG, Trophy, and Windent.

The different brand names have the potential to obscure products' relationships and integrated functionality from doctors and oral health practice managers, the company noted.

The company's first CS-branded product was launched in spring 2011. Most existing products will soon be sold under the CS brand name but will keep the same model numbers. Film and chemistry products will continue to be sold under the Kodak brand. Carestream Dental will still support and provide parts and accessories for all its products.

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