MicroDental offers Cerec rebate program

MicroDental Laboratories has launched a rebate program for Cerec and Cerec AC Connect users.

The Impression Free program allows new and existing Sirona Digital Impression users who use MicroDental Laboratories to earn monthly rebates toward their lab bills to help cover the cost of their Cerec AC Connect digital impression systems, according to Sirona Dental Systems, manufacturer of the Cerec products.

Users can also choose whether to apply the rebates to a debit card that can be used toward all MicroDental products and services or to spend however they choose.

Rebates are based on each client's monthly MicroDental lab bill and can cover all Cerec AC Connect financing costs. MicroDental's Impression Free rebate program is based on incremental Cerec business conducted with MicroDental, and can also apply to any business conducted with MicroDental.

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