Carestream releases new version of Logicon software

A new version of the Logicon Caries Detector software from Carestream Dental is now available for purchase.

The company originally unveiled the updated software, version, at the 2012 Chicago Midwinter meeting.

Logicon software is a computer-aided detection tool that helps identify interproximal caries at an early stage. It is exclusively designed to work with images captured by Carestream Dental's RVG sensors.

New for Logicon software is the addition of a PreScan feature that allows practitioners to automatically scan all interproximal surfaces in a bitewing radiograph and immediately display the results, instead of having to scan one interproximal surface at a time. Dentists then have access to an index of the results that correlate to each interproximal surface.

Additional features include a region of interest (ROI) adjustment tool that automatically searches to find maximum caries depth, as well as a zoom tool that allows practitioners to focus on specific regions. The software also allows for information and screenshots to be sent via the software's email function.

Logicon software is fully integrated with CS Dental Imaging Software, and the new PreScan feature is designed for use with RVG 6100 and RVG 6500 bitewing images.

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