D4D goes mobile with new chairside impressioning system

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D4D Technologies is looking to make dental CAD/CAM restorations even easier with the new E4D NEVO scanner and Design Center, designed to enable dental practitioners to provide chairside digital impressioning using a laptop computer and the company's new blue-laser scanner and design software.

The NEVO ("Natural Evolution") scanner technology is based on the company's many years of experience with powder-free intraoral image capture and is the first scanner to use E4D's patent-pending blue-laser technology rather than a red laser, according to Gary Severance, DDS, vice president of marketing and clinical affairs for D4D. The lower-wavelength blue diode laser yields higher resolution images, he noted.

"We have the longest experience in powder-free scanning and putting photos over models and using laser-based technology," Dr. Severance told DrBicuspid.com. "So we knew what we would improve upon in CAD/CAM if we could, and we've done that. Why didn't we do this previously [go to the lower wavelength]? Because the laser technology wasn't ready."

The scanner also features a heated mirror for fog-free scanning, removable tips for infection control, active heat dissipation for full arch scanning, and an adjustable field-of-view.

"The scanner has a large field-of-view; we went as big as we could in the hardware, then we allow the software to make the image smaller," Dr. Severance explained.

The E4D NEVO scanner and Design Center make it possible to do CAD/CAM dentistry from a laptop computer.The E4D NEVO scanner and Design Center make it possible to do CAD/CAM dentistry from a laptop computer.
The E4D NEVO scanner and Design Center make it possible to do CAD/CAM dentistry from a laptop computer.

The E4D NEVO scanner works in conjunction with the laptop-based NEVO Design Center, which uses Thunderbolt technology to increase the bandwidth of USB 3.0 connections and optimize the system's plug-and-play capabilities.

"Thunderbolt was invented by Intel and licensed by Apple," Dr. Severance explained. "It enables twice the speed and transfer power of USB 3.0, so we don't need any other power to the wand. That is what makes it plug and play -- there are no hidden wires or cords."

This means that the user can move the E4D NEVO from operatory to operatory, or even between multiple offices, while remaining wirelessly connected to the milling center -- all without the need for a cart, Dr. Severance noted.

"With a cart system, as soon as you put down the wand, you can't do anything more with the scanner," he said. "But with this system, even if you upgrade your cart or go to a laptop, there is no downtime. The scanner can be used with any laptop or cart." He emphasized, however, that the laptop is a specific system that is supplied by E4D, "not just something you could buy at Best Buy. It is a powerful computer that we load with all the software."

At the same time, though, the technology can be retrofitted to existing cart-based E4D systems, meaning D4D's current customers can take advantage of the new advances without having to purchase an entirely new system.

"We can go out and retrofit, and they are able to use the same format they use today," he said. "Going forward, however, we will eliminate the manufacture of the cart and the entire system will be laptop-based."

The E4D NEVO will be available exclusively in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand starting in September. The full system -- which includes a laptop, the scanner, and the mill, plus three days of training -- will sell for $119,000. Existing E4D customers can upgrade to the NEVO system for $15,000.

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