Week in Review: Student debt repayment | Extra reason to sleep in | Man with unusual root canals

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Which states help pay off student debt for dentists and hygienists? Our top story of the week covers a helpful summary of states that will help pay off your student loans. If you know of any additional programs to add to the list, email me at [email protected].

If you need an extra reason to sleep in this weekend, a new study reported that sleeping less than six hours per night may be linked to more jaw pain, widespread pain, and psychological problems. The study focused on women with temporomandibular joint disorders and adds to growing evidence of the link between pain, psychological stress, and sleep quality and quantity.

As the use of medical and recreational marijuana becomes more common, younger dental professionals may not think much about its effect on patients' health. Approximately 30% of preclinical and clinical dental students said that smoking marijuana is damaging to a person's health, and less than 10% of clinical students would not treat patients under the influence of marijuana when local anesthesia was needed.

Last but not least, did you know that DrBicuspid offers Insider Exclusive newsletters and articles with deep dives into topics that interest you? This week, insiders got access to the Endodontics Insider newsletter, which featured a popular story on how imaging aided in managing a man's atypical root canal anatomy.

Also, each Insider Exclusive comes with a special advance preview article you can read before it's available to other DrBicuspid readers. Last week's Smile Design Insider Exclusive highlighted a new way to restore seriously damaged teeth.

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