CAD/CAM Insider: Researchers test CAD/CAM crowns' fracture resistance

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All-ceramic CAD/CAM crowns are a treatment option for full-coverage restorations for endodontically treated teeth, but how do they resist fracturing? Researchers compared two kinds of crowns to see which held up best. Find out more in the Insider Exclusive.

Developments in CAD/CAM technology have increased the diversity of materials that can be used for restorations. This, along with the need for a stronger material for prosthetics led to the development of zirconia for crowns and fixed prosthetics. But how does this material perform in wear and fracture tests? Researchers subjected two different monolithic zirconia materials to tests to find out. Learn more here.

Knowing how likely CAD/CAM materials are to fracture can help direct treatment planning. A new study put seven such materials through a stress test to see how they responded, and the researchers presented their findings at the recent 2018 International Association of Dental Research (IADR) meeting in London. Read more here.

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