Carestream imaging system gains Suresmile certification

Carestream Dental's CS 9300C Select has been certified for use with OraMetrix Suresmile technology.

Suresmile combines 3D diagnostic imaging with computerized treatment plan modeling and robotic archwire customization, according to the companies. The Suresmile system enables doctors to plan tooth movement on digital models and customize prescriptive archwires for precise treatment. The integration of CS 9300C Select 3D scans with the Suresmile software is designed to improve treatment planning and control, the companies noted.

The CS 9300C Select offers 3D cone-beam computed tomography, 2D digital panoramic imaging, and a cephalometric modality. It offers four selectable fields-of-view, ranging from 5 x 5 cm to 10 x 10 cm, to help limit radiation exposure by collimating the field-of-view to a precise region of interest.

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