Imaging Insider: Everyday imaging issues in the dental practice and how to solve them

Dear Imaging Insider,

In today's dental practice, efficiency is more important than ever. How dentists and team members handle patients and the time they spend in the dental practice can make a big difference in the bottom line as our industry prepares for the second half of the year.

With that in mind, I was thrilled to have Dr. Lea Al Matny write our most recent Imaging Insider Exclusive. In the article, she shares some simple tips and tricks that can make a difference in having those radiography moments with your patients go smoothly or become a hassle.

I highly encourage you not only to read this article but also to share it with your fellow team members in the practice, especially your dental assistants. There are great concepts for everyone to learn and remember.

Also in our Imaging Community, cone-beam CT (CBCT) helped identify a rare case of a dental implant moving into a man's right ethmoidal sinus in a recent case report published online. An anatomical variant likely prevented him from showing signs of sinusitis related to the dislocated implant.

Finally, CBCT also helped clinicians find and remove an ectopic third molar and an infected cyst from a patient's maxillary sinus, which is a rare site for a tooth to erupt, according to another recent case report.

Thank you for being an Imaging Insider! We wish you nothing but health and safety as summer begins.

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