Dent-X Strato x-ray system offers low-dose scans

The Strato Digital panoramic/cephalometric x-ray system from Dent-X is now available with low-dose and frontal dentition applications, the company announced.

Offices now have the ability to conduct a low-dosage scan that shows the full patient dentition, Dent-X said. Doctors can use this view to see if patients have their wisdom teeth or could require corrective practices, such as braces, while using a fraction of the radiation. This scan has a faster rotation and uses less x-ray dose for an overall drop in radiation, according to the company.

The frontal dentition view allows a doctor see the frontal dentition only. Combined with the ability to take half-pans, users can now see the right half, left half, or frontal view of any panoramic x-ray without exposing unnecessary regions.

The Strato Digital now comes standard with more than13 applications, including digital linear tomography.

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