3M rolls out Lava Chairside Oral Scanner across U.S.

After debuting with a regional U.S. rollout, the 3M ESPE Lava Chairside Oral Scanner is now available to dentists nationwide, the company announced.

The scanner creates digital impressions, similar to those created by Sirona's Cerec. But unlike the Cerec, which can be used to mill products in the dentist's own office, the Lava's impressions must be sent to a lab for milling.

A full list of approved indications includes crowns, multiple adjacent units, inlays/onlays, three to four unit bridges, seated implant abutments and veneers, and digital workflow.

Additionally, the scanner's upgraded Lava Software 2.0 offers dentists greater ease of use, according to the company.

"With our nationwide availability for dentists and our flexible outsourcing model for labs, we seek to provide easy access to the digital workflow and the efficiency," said Wayne Roen, business director of digital restorative dentistry for 3M ESPE, in a press release.

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