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The Restoratives Community has been buzzing about the topic of implants and their role in dentistry.

While it is clear that implants should be part of your practice, as Dr. Gordon Christensen said during his presentation at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, there remains significant debate about when to place them.

A recent critical review examined the data for the long-term survival of endodontically treated teeth and dental implants. Read what the authors had to say about "extract and replace versus implant" here.

And in Colorado, a dentist who needed an implant decided to do it himself. Check out how his creative use of social media has spread the word about the services he offers.

Meanwhile, the debate about the merits of removing asymptomatic third molars continues. Does the practice benefit second molars? The data suggest that this is so.

Next, have you collaborated with an acupuncturist to deliver treatment? Find out how it can help with taking impressions at this link.

Lastly, our contributing writer Thomas Climo, PhD, has advice for those considering selling their dental lab about how to calculate its value.

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