Technology Focus: Xcare showcases AI-powered software

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Patients can now schedule everything from dinner dates to hotel reservations online, and they're coming to expect the same convenience from their dental office. Xcare's new website and practice software bring some of those beloved artificial intelligence (AI) tools into the dental sector.

In the latest Technology Focus feature, Xcare CEO Rakesh Desai highlighted two of the updated features in the company's patient engagement platform: online scheduling and patient reengagement. Both features use AI to help practices and patients make communication a little more seamless.

"In today's day, it is not about how you want to engage your patients. It's all about how your patients want to engage with you," Desai said.

Watch the video below to see Xcare's new user interface design, as well as hear Desai's take on why AI-powered features are not yet more common in dentistry.

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