How do I get my products or services listed in the Buyer's Guide?

Q: How do I get my products or services listed in the Buyer's Guide?

A. Vendors maintain their own product and company information through a Web-based interface. Vendors have the power to:
  1. Input and modify detailed company information.
  2. Modify existing product listings.
  3. Create new product listings.
  4. Add detailed product specs to product listings in certain categories.
Basic vendor listings are free.

To take advantage of these free listings, each vendor must set up a single custodial account for their company and product information.

To set up your account in the Buyer's Guide, please follow these three steps:

  1. Determine which person (or persons) will be responsible for maintaining your company and product information. This person will be your account "custodian" for DrBicuspid's Buyer's Guide.
  2. Set up a new, or choose an existing, DrBicuspid memberID (a regular account that you can use to log into the Web site) that will be used to access your company's Buyer's Guide managerial interface.
  3. E-mail the following information to [email protected]:
    E-mail address (the one associated with the MemberID)
    Company name
    Web site URL
    Phone number
    You must send this message from an e-mail account that matches your company. We'll set you up from there. (NOTE: Do not send us your password - never disclose your password.)

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